The 5 Best Desktop Vaporizers of 2024

Last updated on June 19th, 2024

It’s definitely not easy knowing where to invest your hard earned money when it comes choosing a Desktop Vaporizer. Fortunately for you, we’ve tested almost all on the market, and we’ve rounded the Top Desktop Dry Herb Vaporizers down to 5!

best Desktop vaporizers

Top 5 Desktop Dry Herb Vaporizers for 2024

1. Volcano Hybrid

First on the list, we have the Volcano Hybrid by Storz & Bickel. It’s no surprise because anybody who's used a vaporizer knows that the Volcano is a household name and is the cream of the crop when it comes to vaporizers in any category.

The Volcano is best on the market when it comes to consistent vapor quality and extraction, with the upgraded ceramic chamber, you really get quality sessions every time. Although the price point is quite high you are definitely getting a good investment that is built to last.

With this updated version released in 2020, you can dial in temperature settings ranging from 40 degrees Celsius all the way to 230 degrees Celsius (104.F - 446.C). Also with the upgraded ceramic chamber, the hybrid gets up to temperature in a record time of 30 to 40 seconds.

This may vary depending on the temperature range especially for a desktop unit that gives a lot of punch. Although you can't connect to this via mobile app, this unit actually does have Bluetooth, and with the web app, you can actually take control of everything on this, and I mean everything.

Volcano Hybrid vaporizer 

Ease of Use

At first the Volcano Hybrid can look intimidating but once you start using it, it'll easily integrate into your lifestyle. With the new whip attachment and the upgraded filling chamber, it's super easy clean, reload, and get it ready for another session. Again, this is a desktop unit that needs to be plugged in so it's always ready to go when you are.

✅ Flavor 

When it comes to flavour, this thing is immaculate. It is one of the reasons why the volcano is such a well-known name and Storz & Bickel keep killing the competition. You're guaranteed a visible vapour that’s smooth no matter what temperature you use this at - higher or lower, it tastes great.

✅ Whip Attachment 

At times it doesn’t make sense to fill an entire balloon - You can now enjoy this extended design that serves to cool the vapor down before it reaches your mouth. Regardless of solo or social settings, this additional option makes this unit so much better. Take a few puffs and enjoy with efficiency, with the whip instead of using a full balloon.

❌ No App Control 

As Apple has removed all vaporizer apps from their App Store there is a web app on Storz & Bickel's site that allows users to control the start and stop times, fan speed, access preset temperatures, as well as automating temperature. Although its cool to have those options available, but I do wish there was a method to make those changes on the unit itself.

Price Point 

For newer users who are just starting out when it comes to vaporizing, the price point might be a bit too hefty. We're definitely not suggesting in any way that the Volcano Hybrid doesn't deliver, but it is an investment. It’s always good to crawl before you can walk especially when it comes to a space someone isn’t familiar in.

See our full Volcano Hybrid review if you want more info on it.


2. Volcano Classic

Number two on our list is the Volcano Classic by Storz & Bickel. With this being the OG that started it all off, it obviously makes sense that this would be a close second to the Volcano Hybrid.

Volcano Classic vaporizer 

Released back in 2000, the Volcano Classic instantly became industry standard and has been the bar for the past 20 plus years, it's more or less a household name in the vaporizing circles. As this unit itself has a very authentic design look it also has a robust build made to give you that punch that’ll have you hooked.

Many people, including myself, have tried so many other vaporizers and we just keep coming back to these Storz & Bickel units. The Volcano has the classic analog wheel that's ranged from one to nine, and that temperature ranges from 130 degrees Celsius to 230 degrees Celsius (266.F - 446.F). With that being said, using this with the ballon system is very easy to use.

Volcano Classic vaporizer 2“ gt= 

✅ Robust Build 

The Volcano Classic is known for its durability, as it is German engineered, its robust build and design holds well as many individuals worldwide still have their working unit going on 15 + years.

Super Easy To Clean

Cleaning this desktop vaporizer is just as easy to clean as it is to use. Simply brush out any spent herb in the filling chamber. Once finished, you’re pretty much ready to go for an additional session! Storz & Bickel are well known for their ease of use, both when operating the unit or cleaning it.

✅ Classic Balloon System 

The balloon attachment is great for solo as well as group settings. This balloon valve system ensures zero vapor wastage in bags that are able to store vapor up to 8 hours per use. Perfect for keeping on hand for long periods of time if the need calls for it!

Heat Up Time

With this Volcano Classic, you’re guarantied an immaculate vaping experience that hit you with tasty vapor that’s pure convection. The only thing is you’ll need to wait a bit in order for this to get up to temperatures. (Especially high temperatures) Depending on the desired temperature, it generally takes about 4-5 minutes for the Classic to heat up. Definitely not the fastest but users will forget about that one they get a taste.

3. Arizer XQ2

Sitting at our number three spot, we have the XQ2 from Arizer. This Canadian company has been in the game for the past 15 years and they're known for their quality products that hang with the big boys, and they do it at a very economical price point.

Arizer XQ2 vaporizer

The Arizer XQ2 sits on our list because of the value that you get with it. Like most desktop vaporizers on the market, it boasts precise temperature controls ranging from 50 degrees Celsius all the way to 260 degrees Celsius (122.F - 500.F). Another thing is that this really hits when it gets up to temperature.

Having the option between the mini whip, 3' silicone whip, and the balloon is great value, good for both solo or group sessions. With the remote, take control of your temperature settings, auto shut-off, LED lighting scheme, and more. This will meet your needs regardless if you’re a seasoned user wanting to have a balloon all to yourself for those long vaporizing sessions.


✅ Easy to Use

The learning curve of the XQ2 isn't bad at all. It can be figured out within an hour, that way you can immediately start enjoying your session. You can either use the buttons that are on the device itself, or you can use the remote to power the unit, and adjust temperatures. Everything on this unit is very easy to use as well as very easy to clean and maintain.


Controls on this XQ2 desktop unit it is also very simple and it gives you options. You can choose between using the wireless remote or the buttons that are on the front of this unit for controlling. You can control the power of the unit, cycle through fan speeds, adjust temperature settings or select three pre-programmed settings - all which are awesome. Sound, lighting options and auto shutoff time are all also adjustable.


Long Heat up Time 

Although it does take some time for your herb to actually get up to temperature, but once it does, this vaporizer can hang with the best of them. A cool thing that I found at least, is that this unit is packed with cool little features that can keep you occupied while you wait that 2- 3 minute wait time, landing in that Volcano Classic heat up territory.

4. Storz & Bickel Plenty

Coming in our fourth position we have the Plenty by Storz & Bickel. This is a unit on Storz & Bickel's product line that is very unique because it was one of the first “handheld vaporizer” accompanied with a lengthy power cord.

Plenty Vaporizer

This unit definitely caught eyes upon release, as this isn't completely a desktop vaporizer or a portable but somewhere in the middle with an output comparable to the Volcano at the time. Simply load herb into the filling chamber and pull the handle to start the heating process.

With an analog temperature wheel ranging from 130 degrees Celsius to 202 degrees Celsius (266.F - 395.F), this consistently gives an even burn to the material stored, extracting tasty vapor that’s cool when it hits your mouth. 16 years later just like many other Storz & Bickel units - this still holds up.


✅ Amazing Vapor Quality 

As this vaporizer sit in between a desktop/ portable vaporizer, it definitely has the output and performance of a desktop vaporizer which users love. The cooling coil gives the vapor a cool path to travel through that has the consistent taste even when using at higher temperatures.

✅ Simple to Clean 

Just like the majority of Storz & Bickel products, this is easy to use and clean. After your session, once the filling/cooling chamber has cooled, simply remove any spent herb from in and around the chamber. From there reload your chamber and start that heater for your next session!

Filling Chamber Needs to be Full  

Whilst the Plenty packs a punch filled with vapor, it is required that the filling chamber is always packed to the brim to ensure full extraction. It's not the most convenient when wanting to take small hits, or if you’re running low on herbs.

5. Arizer V-Tower

For our final desktop vaporizer on the list, we have the V-Tower from Arizer. As mentioned before, this Canadian company has been in the game for some time and they have carved their footprint in the industry with vaporizers that hit. This desktop vaporizer is no different. 

Arizer V-Tower

Fun fact - this vaporizer essentially is a stripped down version of the Volcano Classic. The V-Tower doesn't have any crazy bells and whistles, but it sure has amazing extraction quality that any dry vaping enthusiast will enjoy.

This vaporizer doesn't have a remote control, micro whip or a balloon that the XQ2 has. This just has the three inch silicone whip and that known Arizer vapor quality that kicks once this gets up to temperature.

The V-tower has precise temperature control ranging from 50 degrees Celsius to 260 degrees Celsius (122.F - 500.F) Everything with this simplified unit is super easy to use, you can have at your desk ready to enjoy at a moments notice.


Low Price Point

This desktop vaporizer is the perfect unit for anyone who is a beginner that wants to get started with vaping but doesn't want to break the bank. The Canadian company Arizer is known for giving loads of value with every product they release. Even with this stripped down V-tower that doesn’t have the bells and whistles that the XQ2 has, you’re still getting great value, especially for the price point!

Easy Learning Curve

The V-Tower from Arizer is very simple to navigate right from the box. As this vaporizer is pretty stripped down feature wise, you only need to worry about your temperature settings, auto-shut off as well as brightness. Almost anyone can figure out and get this working within 1 hour.


One thing that stands out when it comes to the V-Tower is the flavor it produces. As this unit is mainly convection, the vapor that it produces definitely sets it apart from other desktop vaporizers especially when considering the price point. As this isn’t a Volcano unit, the filling chamber does need to be stirred mid way through you session just to make sure you get an even extraction from the material inserted. .

Need to stir Filling Chamber

The Arizer V-Tower does have a lot to offer given the price point. As mentioned above, this unit can hang with the likes of the Volcano in some areas. Where this unit does have great vapor extraction, you are required to stir the filling chamber to fully make sure that all the herb in your filling chamber gets evenly extracted. A bit annoying but you can’t complain for the price point!

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