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Arizer Air Belt-Clip Carry Case - Vaped Canada

Convenient carry case with a belt clip for Arizer Air vaporizers. (Air, Air II, Air MAX, Air SE) Includes: 1 x Air Belt-Clip Carry Case.

Arizer Soft-Shell Case - Vaped Canada

A protective soft-shell case for Arizer vaporizers. Compact and durable. Includes: 1 x Soft-Shell Case

Arizer 18650 Battery Case - Vaped Canada

Protective case for storing your 18650 batteries. Durable and portable. Includes: 1 x 18650 Battery Case.

Arizer Micro-USB Car Charger - Vaped Canada

Convenient car charger for on-the-go charging. Includes: 1 x Micro-USB Car Charger Compatibility: ArGo, Air SE

Arizer Micro-USB Charger - Vaped Canada

Efficient and compact Micro-USB charger. Includes: 1 x Micro-USB Charger Compatibility: ArGo, Air SE

Arizer Frosted Glass Reducer - Vaped Canada

Adapt your female downstem to connect with smaller male glass-on-glass fittings. Durable and easy to clean.Includes: 1 x Frosted Glass Reducer

Arizer ArGo Frosted Glass Aroma Tube - Vaped Canada

Frosted glass aroma tube for a smooth draw. Compatible with water pipes for cooler vapor. Easy to clean.  Includes: 1 x ArGo Frosted Glass Aroma Tube