Volcano Hybrid Review & Vaporizer Tutorial

Today we are here to check out the powerhouse that is the Volcano Hybrid by Storz &. Bickel. It’s been 20 years since the initial release of the original Volcano Classic. Storz & Bickel have repackaged and improved for this unit to re-release.


  • Style
  • Ease of use
  • Controls  
  • Temperature 
  • Flavour
  • Whip Attachment
  • Easy to clean

Typical Price: $879.99

  • Price Point
  • App Controls
  • Portability

There is a reason why Storz & Bickel continue to dominate the marketplace when it comes to vaporizers. Not straying away from what brought them success, along with an updated elite and robust design is what keeps customers coming back to try the Volcano.

If you’re not afraid to invest in a desktop unit that will last a long time with heavy use at home, the Volcano Hybrid is undoubtably the one. Our opinions aside – there’s a reason why the Volcano Hybrid sit on the Mount Rushmore of desktop vaporizers.

I'm going to show you:

In the Box

Volcano Hybrid in the box

1 x Volcano Hybrid Hot Air Generator
1 x Power Cord
3 x Easy Valve balloon with mouthpiece
1 x Easy Valve balloon with adapter
1 x Tube System
1 x Filling Chamber
1 x Cap Ring
1 x Herb Mill
1 x Normal Screen Set
1 x Drip Pad
1 x Air Filter Set
1 x Cleaning Brush
1 x Owners Manual

Volcano Hybrid Review

✅ Style 

Volcano Hybrid - Style

When it comes to the Volcano Hybrid and style, it looks almost identical to its previous versions, the volcano classic, as well as the volcano Digit - This is the most refined version. Storz and Bickel, a German company are well known for their engineering. Everything on this device is well-built and is built to last. I personally owned a volcano classic, and honestly, the vaping experience was unreal. Once I got word that I would be reviewing this unit, I was super excited.

All the buttons on this device had been replaced with a smooth touch screen interface. You can now control the air-fan as well as your temperature setting at your leisure. New with this unit you also can use a flexible whip attachment as well as the classic balloons, many ways to enjoy this marvel. That said when it comes to style, I'm going to give the Volcano Hybrid a 8.5 out of 10. Same classic look, and you now have different options to enjoy - very versatile.

✅ Ease of use

Discussing the Hybrid's ease of use, it can look intimidating but once you start using it, it'll easily integrate into your lifestyle. With the new whip attachment and the upgraded filling chamber, it's easier than ever to clean it, reload, and get it ready for another session. Because this is a desktop unit, it needs to be plugged into a wall but that also means it's always ready to go when you are. All you need to do is press the heat button to turn it on. From there, you can either use a plus or the minus button to set the temperature at your desired temperature.

From there, you can either use the balloon attachment to fill up your balloon, use it, or you can use the whip attachment and enjoy at your leisure. This volcano hybrid does have an auto shut off at 30 minutes, which is great, just so that it doesn't get too hot. If you are an Android user, you can download the app, which allows you to connect via Bluetooth to adjust the shut off to your choosing along with other metrics – a solid 8.5 out of 10 when it comes to the ease of use for this Volcano Hybrid desktop unit.

    ✅ Controls

    Volcano Hybrid - Controls

    For controls, you can put this in front of anybody and I'm pretty sure that they can figure it out – it’s very easy. If you need to change the temperature metrics from Celsius to Fahrenheit or from Fahrenheit to Celsius, all you need to do is press and hold the heat button as well as the minus button, hold it for three seconds and it'll switch. There is an app available by Storz and Bickel, but it is only available for Android users. You can control the start time and stop time, the air filter, pretty much anything that's on this device itself, you can control it from the app.

    If something brakes, you have a three-year warranty with Storz and Bickel that will replace anything. Once you get the unit, they do recommend that you check through the device, the filling chamber, and the actual heating unit itself. When it comes to controls, I'm going to give this a seven out of 10.

    The only reason why I'm giving it a seven is not because it's hard to use it's because you can't use the additional functions in the app on this unit itself. It would be nice to be able to set the automated shut up time, but that doesn't take anything away from it. When it comes to materials Storz and Bickel, German engineering, well-made even because of the high price tag, you get what you pay for.

    ✅ Temperature

    Volcano Hybrid - Temperature

    When it comes to the Volcano hybrid and temperature, this has precise temperature all the way from 40 degrees Celsius to 230 degrees Celsius. So for our American friends, it's 104 degrees Fahrenheit to 446 degrees Fahrenheit. Another thing that has been improved compared to the other models is that this thing has very fast heating for a desktop vaporizer. Even for higher temperatures, it’ll take no longer than a minute, which isn't long at all. It doesn't matter if you enjoy lower or higher temperatures, you always get a different, but consistent level of extraction from this unit.

    Volcano Hybrid - Temperature2

    It is highly recommended during a session when you're done filling up your balloon or using the whip attachment to simply just take off the filling chamber off the unit. As its metal on plastic, it gets very hot. The longer that it sits there, it’ll start warping the filling chamber which you don't want. When you're finished with your session, press the heat button to turn the power off, unscrew the filling chamber and put it aside. When it comes to temperature, I'm going to give this a nine out of 10.

    Precise, heating now with faster heat up time, up to 45 seconds, less than a minute. It's the reason why this is a household name, and it's on the Mount Rushmore of vaporizers. This is great for social settings or even solo settings, no matter what it is, it's very versatile and it's you get what you pay for.

    ✅ Flavour 

    Volcano Hybrid - Flavor

    When it comes to flavour, this thing is immaculate. It is one of the reasons why the volcano is such a well-known name and Storz and Bickel keep killing the competition. You're guaranteed a visible vapour that’s smooth no matter what temperature you use this at - higher or lower, it tastes great.

    The herb gets very spent as this device is very efficient in convection heating, leaving the excess herb darker that it was initially. When it comes to vapour quality, this has A1 quality - one of the reasons why the volcano is a household name. Using this at a peak temp of 230 Celsius, you tend to get a lot of vapour out of this and it really milks the bag.

    Regardless, of how are you’re using this, it's great for a social setting as well as a solo setting. This device comes with multiple bags, or you can use this whip attachment that also has great mobility with its 360-degree swivel. They just keep improving on their products and the customers love it. With that said this updated unit gets a solid 9 out of 10 when it comes to flavor.

    ✅ Whip Attachment

    Volcano - Whip Attachment

    At times, it doesn’t make sense to fill an entire balloon for your session, fortunately Storz & Bickel has included a flexible whip option that fit seamlessly in the vaping experience. You can now enjoy this extended design that cool down vapour before it hits yours lips. This is convenient for solo of social settings - take a few puffs and enjoy with efficiency with a whip instead of using a full balloon!

    ❌ Price Point

    One thing to point out about this device (if I'm nit-picking) is the price. It may be a bit hefty for users who are just starting out when it comes to vaporizing. We're definitely not suggesting in any way that this unit doesn't deliver, but its always good to crawl before you can walk especially when it comes to bigger investments. This price point may drive some newer consumers away.

    ❌ Portability

    Volcano hybrid - Portability

    As this unit is a desktop unit it is at it optimal performance when used in an indoor closed setting, plugged into a power source. As you are technically able to bring this device outdoor with an extension cable for use, the Volcano Hybrid isn't weather/ environment proof. Storz & Bickel advises against any liquids going in or near to heating chamber.

    ❌ App Controls

    As there is a web as well as a mobile (Android only) app available to download for users that allows you to control the start and stop times, fan speed, as well as automating temperature, I wish there a method to have the option to make those changes on the unit itself.

    As more companies incorporate wireless bells and whistles to control their devices, it be nice to see a leader in the industry like Storz & Bickel to find an efficient way to have both options.

    How to use the Volcano Hybrid

    First thing you’ll want to do when going over using this volcano hybrid unit is loading some herb into our filling chamber. Essentially, you're going to twist this black and orange top away from each other so it opens up. You'll notice this is the filling chamber that you need to fill your herb in, and it has a little screen up here to prevent any herb coming through this whip attachment.

    VOlcano Hybrid - How to use p1

    Once you're finished, all you have to do is put the top of the filling chamber back on. You want to press our heat button which will turn our device on. Once you put your filling chamber back on, turn it to the right so it'll tighten and once we get to temp, you will hear air blow from the fan to let you know that it is ready. Just be careful during/ after usage, you don't want to touch any of the metal surroundings because it is hot. Put the whip attachment on and enjoy your session!

    Volcano Hybrid - How to use p2

    When using the balloons, you’ll notice they've got little spouts so you can actually control how much vapour comes in and out of the bag. Once you have your volcano at the desired temp, you just put the balloon on and you press the air button and watch it fill up.I strongly recommend that you stay here and observe this to avoid overfilling.

      How to clean the Volcano Hybrid 

      After your session, you're going to remove your filling chamber and remove any spent herb out of the chamber. Simply take the brush that comes in the box, and clean out the ceramic chamber, also taking the top of your filling chamber, and doing the exact same.

      Once finished- it's clean and it's ready for another session. Load your herb, place your loading chamber back on your unit and wait for it to heat, and enjoy. Storz and Bickel does recommend you do a deep clean every two to three weeks, but because it is such a low maintenance device, I’d advice to do a deep clean every month.

      Volcano Hybrid - How to clean p2

      Once removing all metal pieces, you’ll want them to soak just them in ISO alcohol – place plastic pieces in hot water with soap and let it soak as well. Soaking plastic in alcohol will cause it'll discolour it. As you leave the metal pieces to sit, you’ll start to see the ISO alcohol change colours removing any grime. Once it's done soaking, you can easily take a Q-tip and just simply clean out the inside.

      This is probably the dirtiest part of the vapourizer. That said this thing is super easy to maintain, and you’ll see from the Q-tip all the residue from the buildup. I tend to use the other end to dry it so that it’s good to go for another session. You’ll want to take this other portion out to take this bottom part out. All you have to do is push on the bottom same situation, pull the filter out again for a lot of these metal portions. I'd let them soak for an hour.

      Volcano Hybrid - How to clean p2

      When putting the screens back into both parts of the filling chamber, you'll hear a click and that’s how’ll you know everything is locked in place. Finally, place the O-ring back on the groove as it was, and you’ll be good to go for another session!

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