DotLeaf Review & Vaporizer Tutorial

Today we’re taking a looking at the DotLeaf vaporizer. When it comes to the manufacturers, they usually make a lot of vape devices and they've been doing it for some time with great success. But now we’re here to check out their first offering into the dry herb vaporizer market.


  • Style
  • Ease of use
  • Removable Chamber Oven 
  • Portability 
  • Flavour
  • Battery/ Passthrough Charging
  • Modular Unit

Typical Price: $699.00

  • Mouthpiece gets hot Mid-High Temperatures
  • Not smell proof 
  • Not dexterous

Overall, I’m personally a fan when it comes to trying new things and this company did just that. With their expertise in the e- cigarette market, they had the foundation to pull off a device like this on their first attempt.

Everything from the modular design and the powerful output makes this vaporizer that consumers will love. If you’re looking for a portable vaporizer that's fast heating with a punch, this DotLeaf should tick all those boxes.

I'm going to show you:

In the Box

Dotleaf - In the box

1 x DotLeaf Vaporizer
1 x Dry herb tank
1 x POM Mouthpiece
1 x 14mm Adapter
1 x 18mm Adapter
1 x Multi-tool
1 x Cleaning brush
1 x USB – C charging Cable
1 x Service pack
1 x Owners Manual

DotLeaf Review

✅ Style 

First impressions when it comes to the style of the DotLeaf case, it looks very heavy duty - reminds me of a Pelican case. Pretty much if you drop this and nothing will happen to it, similar to the legendary Nokia phone. But when it comes to the actual unit itself, visually it screams Bruce Banner Hulk green. This which resonates more so because this packs a punch. I love how metallic the exterior is and how the metal coolness feels on my hands. It's a small compact device.

Dotleaf - Style

This design follows DotMods previous e-cigarette models. I think that's pretty cool when it comes to branding, it's nice and sleek. I like how the doors are attached via magnets on both sides and the mouthpiece too, it's interchangeable. Everything on this thing is modular, so you can replace it, which is also handy. When it comes to style, I'm going to give this 8.4 out of 10. There’s a very good vibe about it. It stands out and it pops.

✅ Portability

When it comes to portability, this thing is super tiny and compact. I’ve personally got huge hands so it disappears in my hands, but for any other user that's just picking this up right off the jump, they're going to love that you can just throw this in your bag, your pocket, even a purse on the go.

Other than the shiny metallic green colour that pops visually, using this in a public setting won’t draw too much attention. If discreteness is a must – the unit also comes in a metallic black that looks sleek and sharper. When it comes to portability, I am going to give this eight out of 10 because it's super small & a super handy modular device. The parts are swappable, and it stays the same size.

    ✅ Ease of use

    Dotleaf - Ease of use

    When it comes to the ease of use, I will admit at first, I thought using this was going to be more complicated than it was. One thing I’ll point out when it comes to removing the magnetic backings off the unit, if you don't have fingernails, it might be a hurdle but don't fret. The kit it includes a multi-tool that is small enough just to fit into that crevice, to pop it open at your leisure.

    Once you’ve inserted your herb loaded chamber, all you need to do is press the main fire button five times simultaneously, then three times to start heating your session. With its two-button layout it’s easy to navigate. Comparing this device to something like the PAX, where it only has a one button to toggle through all the features on it, this DotLeaf has two designating its function to two making simpler to navigate I find. When it comes to ease of use, I'm going to give this an 8 out of 10.

    ✅ Build Quality

    Dotleaf - Build Quality

    This DotLeaf is made pretty well - I'm hesitant to call this the Nokia phone of vaporizers because I feel if you throw this against a wall, the wall will break, and it will not. It’s constructed with a lightweight metallic alloy that feels cool in the hands - it doesn't feel cheap. I’m glad that this company didn't cheap out on building materials when it came to making the first vaporizing unit, which says something about wanting to make a statement.

    If things were to get damaged, this device is modular, so you would not have to replace the entire thing. In fact, warranty wise DotMod actually includes a 90 day warranty so if anything does go astray or breaks, they will replace it for you. All that considered discussing this unit and build quality, I'm going to give this an 8 out of 10. The Bruce Banner Hulk Green colour is starting to make sense to me.

    ✅ Temperature 

    Dotleaf - Temperature

    Discussing temperature, there are four preset temperatures on this device. It ranges from 185 degrees Celsius all the way to 230. The first temperature preset is set to 185 degrees Celsius, followed by the second that's at 200 degrees Celsius, then our third which will increase it to 215 degrees Celsius, as well as our fourth preset heat level, which is 230 degrees Celsius. Anytime during the session, if you press and hold the fire button it'll give you a temperature boost of 15 degrees Celsius, which I think is great for at the end of session.

    One thing that this vaporizer does that the others in its class don't, is the amount of power output. If I'm hitting this on a level three or four, I'm choking instantly. So that said, when it comes to temperature, I am going to give this a 7.8 out of 10. This has a lot of punch as well it does get, really hot. Users that enjoy water pipes are going to love this thing, it really milks a bong.

    ✅ Flavour

    Dotleaf - Flavor

    The DotLeaf delivers when it comes flavour. I'm tempted to call this a little a mini bong in your pocket because it delivers a lot of the output. Depending on the temperature settings you won’t only get a lot of flavour, as well as a lot of vapour out of this small thing. One thing I did notice when using this at temperature settings three and above, a lot of the flavour gets encapsulated in the first two hits because this thing heats up very, very fast.

    It only takes 20 seconds to heat up, you get a lot of those flavours in the first two hits, and it can be very, very harsh. Be careful on how hard you are pulling on your first two - five pulls of using this device. So depending on if you're looking for a flavour heavy type of session or a vapour heavy type of session, this DotLeaf has it all. So, when it comes to flavour I'm going to give this a 7.5 out of 10, because no matter what you were looking for, this small compact device, has and it delivers it.

    ✅ Battery/Pass-through charging

    Dotleaf - Battery

    When it comes to battery, this thing takes one 18650 batteries, which is great. That means the battery is removable from the device and you can have a bunch of other 18650 batteries charging waiting on standby. When it dies, you can easily swap it out and keep your session going. This device does charge via USB-C. so it gives you that fast charging time of 1.5 hours along with an extra bonus thing - pass-through charging.

    So even if you only have one battery that has died, you can still enjoy the wonderful flavours and vapours of the DotLeaf while it is charging. It’s good for 10 sessions on a one charged battery but I ended up getting 12/13 sessions out of it, but I'm also quite conservative when it comes to my sessions. When it comes to battery, I'm going to give this a 9 out of 10, because it's modular. I love when devices have replaceable batteries, because you can keep a bunch of them charged and ready, so when your device dies, it's an easy swap out.

    ❌ Mouthpiece gets hot mid-high temperatures

    Dotleaf mouthpiece

    Though the standard plastic mouthpiece that comes with this unit is small and works well with the unit visually, it tends to transfer a lot of heat. Combining that with this units amazing output you might feel it a bit too much.

    I found using this unit on temperatures 3 and above, the mouthpiece gets too hot to enjoy. Fortunately, the unit comes with two other water pipe adapters (14mm & 18mm) that could double as another mouth piece as well as way around this problem.

    ❌ No app integration

    Nit-nicking - This may only be a con for users who are keen on mobile access to their devices (mainly android users) A lot manufacturers have been intergrading Bluetooth access to their vaporizers start stop time, temperature, etc. - As this is only dotMods first herb vaporizer unit released, who’s to say they won’t release a later iteration with the feature as per the competition?

    ❌ Not smell-proof

    With great output inevitably comes an odour of some sort. The Dotleaf does pack a punch but with that punch of great flavour comes a smell of usage, especially when using on high temperature setting/ the boost feature. With this device being a mostly conduction type, this is expected. For those who aren’t worries about smell this won’t be an issue for you.

    ❌ Not dexterous

    This unit is small, which is great for portability but might present issues reloading/ switching out some of the modular pieces. As mentioned prior, although a multi took is provided, individuals who may not have fingernails might have issues removing the magnetic cover.

    How to use the DotLeaf

    Dotleaf - How to use p1

    Before you try to load herb into your chamber, you’ll need to take off the magnetic plate. If you don't have fingernails, this part might be difficult. You can use the multi-tool provided, and it'll fit right into that crease that’ll remove the magnetic plate. Once you do that, you'll find your chamber. I love how everything is modular, so you can just replace everything or just keep a bunch of these chambers on standby filled with herb, so you can just swap them out at your leisure.

    Once you’ve tightly packed the chamber, insert it into the unit you’ll want to make sure that the contacts of the chamber are directly touching the opposite contacts on the DotLeaf unit. You’ll now make sure that your battery is installed properly, and you’re ready for a session!

    Dotleaf - How to use p2

    Press the main fire button five times simultaneously, then three times to start heating your session. The light around the fire button will start lighting up in a circle rotation and will vibrate once your Dotleaf gets to temp. Feel free to toggle between temperatures with the smaller button located behind the magnetic plate, below the main fire button. This is easy to navigate with its two-button design!

      How to clean the DotLeaf 

      Dotleaf - How to clean Pt1

      Cleaning and maintaining this unit is very simple! When it comes to cleaning this vaporizer, all you have to do is remove the magnetic lid and take out the chamber. Using the multi-tool provided, you’re going to take the sharp edge to remove all the spent herb in the chamber. After removal, make sure to brush out any spent herb in the mouthpiece, around contacts where the chamber sits, as well as the lid of the container.

      Dotleaf - How to clean Pt2

      Using a bowl filled with a little ISO alcohol, you’ll need to use a Q-tip dipped in ISO to clean the interior of the chamber. Once cleaned out make sure you dry the interior. Never soak the ceramic chamber or lid in alcohol. As maintenance goes for most devices, it is best to clean after every session so that the spent herb doesn't harden and becomes problematic to remove. 

      It is recommended to do thorough clean every single week. But honestly, it's little to no mess. I would personally limit this to two, maybe even three weeks. When finished you’ll be ready to enjoy more high-power output from this cool compact unit!

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