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Today we're here to look at the Healthy Rips Rogue vaporizer. This is a portable vaporizer as well as the latest iteration of the Healthy Rips product line. Healthy Rips has been around for some time and is known for their portable handheld vaporizer units as the Fury, the Fury Edge, and the Fierce (which has been discontinued) but now we have the Rogue to take its place.


  • Style
  • Ease of use
  • Capsules 
  • Controls 
  • Materials
  • Flavor
  • Battery life

Typical Price: $199.00

  • No pass-through charging/ No detachable battery
  • Not very concealable 
  • Not that smell-proof
  • Not very dexterous

Overall, I personally love that the company didn't try to reinvent the wheel with this, but instead they improved on things that mattered to the consumers. I loved testing this Rogue unit out. Definitely ranked up there when it comes to dry herb vaporizers on the market especially within the price range.

If you're looking for something that's easy to use and maximizes on output, honestly this is the one. Even if you don’t have the funds to invest in a vaporizer at a high price point like the Mighty, but you’re still looking for a fast heating device with a lot of vapor output that tastes great, the Rogue might put an end to your search.

I'm going to show you:

In the Box

Rogue - In the box

1 x Healthy Rips Rogue Vaporizer
1 x Protective “Smell” Cover
1 x Mouthpiece with Glass Vapor Path
1 x Attachment for Glass Accessories 
1 x Glass Mouthpiece Accessory
1 x Extra O-Ring & Screen Set
1 x Cleaning Tool
1 x USB – C Cord
1 x Cleaning Brush 
1 x Instructions / Manual

1 x Tweezers
1 x Owner Manual

Rogue Review

✅ Style 

Rogue - Style

All right, so when it comes to the Rogue and style, honestly, it's very easy on the eyes. I love the look. I love the lines. I love where the placement of the buttons are. It doesn't feel like a one-off device. I like the branding & I feel it's consistent with their other models.

Although it's not as slim as the Pax product line, I don't think it takes anything away from it. I think it still looks cool even if you’re using this as is or using other accessories. So with that I’ll give this an 8.2 out of 10 for the company not reinventing the wheel design-wise.

✅ Ease of use

When it comes to the learning curve of this thing, I think it's pretty simple. With its new and improved chamber size which is 13 millimetres in diameter, loading it is a breeze. All you simply have to do is take the mouthpiece off, pinch the herb you want to load into the chamber, put the mouthpiece back on, press the main button three times. That'll turn the power on. From there you can toggle the temperature to set the setting to your preference.

This device does have haptic feedback so it will vibrate and once that's done, all you have to do next us enjoy!! When it comes to ease of use, I'm going to give this a 9 because you can put this in the hand of anybody who is inexperienced and they can figure this out.

    ✅ Capsules

    Rogue - Capsules

    There are also dosing capsules that you can purchase with these that'll load flush into the chamber. Personally, I find these amazing and it is a game changer when it comes to vaping in general. It keeps everything  very clean, and it saves overall time when it comes to maintaining this thing.

    I know that the Mighty has these and they're great. I know that the Fury Edge has them - They will fit into the Rogue but they will wiggle around inside, but they still work. There are also third-party accessories that are available for individuals who have dexterity issues.

    ✅ Controls

    For the Rogue you have the ability to change the temperature, toggle between the temperature metrics, Celsius and Fahrenheit, just by holding the main button as well as the bottom button. Hold it until it switches. You can also flip the orientation of the screen by pressing and holding the main button down for three seconds.

    Something that is new, you can adjust the session time. It’s now adjustable from 130 seconds to 480 seconds, which is a substantial amount of time. If that time isn't long enough, don't worry, you can always re-power the device after it shuts down. With the Rogue's quick heating, you'll have this back up to the temperature in no time.

    ✅ Materials 

    For materials, it's made with the same stuff as the Fury Edge, kirksite alloy for the body. It's pretty lightweight. It's also wrapped in this nice rubber coating. The isolated food grade stainless steel oven, as well as a glass air path in the mouth gives it a very clean draw path that is convection heavy that tastes great.

    Healthy Rips does include a one-year warranty in case anything happens to the device. So when it comes to build quality, I'm going to give this an 8.7 out of 10. Honestly, you feel this, you feel how sturdy it is, how compact it is, and you know it's not cheap.

    ✅ Temperature

    Rogue - Temperature

    So when it comes to temperature, this has an exact temperature control on the fly. You can set it from 130 degrees Celsius to 230 degrees Celsius. After about 25 seconds you get the temp, especially if you're using it between 180 to 190 degrees Celsius. For my American friends, that's 356 to 375 degrees Fahrenheit.

    With higher temperature settings of 210 degrees and above, it only takes an additional 5 seconds to get to that temperature which is great. So when it comes to quality and quantity of vapor, it's top notch. You're guaranteed a smooth vapor that's visible in less than 25 seconds. With the larger chamber size, you can now fit up to 0.25 grams of herb, and it produces a lot of vapor. 

    So regardless if you're using this at lower temperatures or higher temperatures, 210 and above, you get a consistent, smooth and visible vapor. I'm going to give this a 7.9 out a 10. I'm honestly running out of bad things to say about this thing, because this thing is pretty premium. Healthy Rips really, really did a great job on this thing.

    ✅ Flavour

    Regardless of high or low settings, the flavour right off the bat, it's premium. Although it does have a great reheat value, you tend to lose a lot of flavour so it is recommended, just finish everything in the chamber during your session.

    With that in-comparison with the Mighty, I do miss the cool vapor air flow that you get, but with the price point, the style, as well as how compact it is, you can't complain. I'll give this a 7.8 out of 10.

    ✅ Battery 

    Rogue - Battery

    The Rogue has an upgraded 3000 mA lithium polymer battery that isn't removable. It is rated at 85 to a hundred minutes of use, but that will depend on the usage. When testing this out, if you use this and let it die at that eight minute max session time, you get about 10 sessions out of this. It's pretty sweet, but obviously you can get a lot more if you turn power off after you're done. 

    One bonus thing that you can do on this that you couldn't do on the previous modes, if you press the power button once, it will display how much battery life you have on this which is cool. So how long does it take to charge?

    Given that it is charged via USB-C which is included in the box, it doesn't take long to charge at all. I found that if you give it a window of an hour & half or two hours to charge, that should do the trick, even though it's slated to take 75 to 90 minutes to charge.

    ❌ No pass through charging/ Detachable battery

    Rogue - Pass-through

    One con about the Rogue (if I’m nit-picking) is that it doesn’t have a detachable battery or pass through charging. I personally like to keep batteries charged on deck for continual usage. Using dosing capsules in the Rogue already elevates the vaping experience so that it stays in your hands.

    If Healthy rips were develop a version that had replaceable 18650 battery, it would hit that mark. Don’t get me wrong, the battery life is already great, but who wouldn’t love continual usage?

    ❌ Not very concealable 

    Is it portable? Can it fit in your pocket? Yes, it does fit in your pocket. But honestly, if you don't mind having an item that resembles an iPod classic, a small deck of cards, or a small cigarette pack, then you probably won't mind having this. Does it feel uncomfortable? No, but you do notice it on your person.

    Can you bring this to a music festival? As comfortable as it is to hold, the Rogue isn't as “concealable”. Because of its style, design and the sleekness, if you're using this or pulling it out in public it’s going to draw attention.

    So if you have to go through a security checkpoint, and even if they're doing a small pat-down, they're going to feel this and will want to know what it is. This situation won't really be an issue for you, just depending on where you live! When it comes to portability, I'm going to give this a 6.6 out of 10.

    ❌ Not that smell-proof

    Although healthy rips includes a protective "smell-proof" cap, it isnt exactly smell-proof. Yes - applying the cover does mask some if the smell of burnt popcorn/used herb but it doesn't eliminate it completely, especially after use.  

    ❌ Not dexterous

    This new version from Healthy Rips is bigger in size but may still give issues to individuals who have dexterity issues. There are third part accessories available but are sold separately. 

    How to use the Rogue

    There are two ways you can load herb into the chamber. You can either put them in dosing capsules or you can put the herb directly into the chamber. Once you have the Rogue in hand, just put a little pressure on the mouthpiece, it should come right off.

    Rogue - How to use p1

    After putting the mouth piece back on. Press the main button 5 times consecutively. The Rogue will vibrate and will display the temperature where you can either press the up or down buttons for it to start heating up to your desired temp. Wait for it to hit the temperature of your choice and you’re ready for a session!

    Rogue - How to use p2

    When you pull you get a cool smooth visible vapor from the start of the session. The only thing I would advise when using this at high temperature is be careful on how hard you pull. The draw resistance isn't a lot and you can get a lot of vapor from this, unsuspectedly.

      How to clean the Rogue 

      Cleaning this device is simple! Especially depending on what you're using - If you're loading the herb directly into the chamber, or if you are using the dosing capsules. Essentially after your session, take the capsule out.

      Right off the bat you notice there's not a whole lot of residue to clean, only a bit of leftover used herb around the edges. If herb is loaded directly into the chamber simply tap out the used herb from the chamber. If the herb is stuck, use the tweezers/brush that are provided in the box.

      Rogue - How to clean

      Once you've emptied your capsule you're pretty much good-to-go. I would say get some iso alcohol, put this into a container. Also get some cotton swabs, simply dip the cotton swab in the alcohol, and clean it out. You want to make sure it's dry, you don't want to get any liquid into the chamber. If you do, just wipe it out immediately.

      It is recommended in the manual that you do a thorough clean every single week. But honestly, if you were just using the capsules, I would limit this to two, maybe even three weeks. It’s virtually, no mess!

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