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Arizer Solo III: Sip It or Rip It Step into the future of vaping with the Arizer Solo III, our most powerful and advanced portable vaporizer yet. B...

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Arizer Air SE Vaporizer: Compact and User-Friendly The Arizer Air SE offers a perfect balance of portability and performance, making it ideal for b...

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A Decade of Vaporizers

Here at Vaped we've been working with, and selling vaporizers for well over a decade now. We've built up a huge knowledge bank that you can benefit from when shopping for a vaporizer.

Whether you're looking to dip your toes in to vaporizing with a starter vaporizer, or you're ready to upgrade to a better model, we're here to help.

We are an authorized seller for top brands like Arizer, Boundless, Davinci, Firefly, Pax, Storz & Bickel and more. Every vaporizer on the site has been tested by our team many times over. We only carry vaporizers that we personally stand behind.

If you're looking for some accessories we have those too! Maybe you need to replace an o-ring or a battery - no problem. If we don't have the part you want, just ask and we'll be happy to help.

Vaporizer FAQ

Which vaporizer should I buy?

It takes some time, but we always recommend doing some research before buying a vaporizer. It's a reasonably large purchase and you should know what you're getting. Here are a few top considerations you should think about:

  • Do I want a portable or desktop vaporizer?
  • Do I want it battery, wall-plug or butane lighter powered?
  • Do I want a convection or conduction vaporizer?
  • How much is my budget?

We've taken the time to film some vaporizer reviews for most of the products we carry. Get a list of the top vaporizers that interest you and watch the videos. We'll show you what we like, what we don't like, how to use them and how to clean them.

We've also prepared a best portable vaporizer list if you're looking for a portable unit. It's a fantastic starting place for anyone looking for a vaporizer. Don't think that you need to buy an expensive Mighty though, there are now very reasonably priced options.

Should I buy a portable or desktop vaporizer?

That depends on personal preference really! Portable vaporizers are usually handheld and can be tossed in a bag with you. The majority of portable vaporizers utilize a battery - which means you can you use while you're out and about (think: walks to the park, hikes, in your backyard, etc.) Portable vaporizers have come a long way in the past few years and make up the vast majority of sales. Also, don't confuse portable vaporizers with vape pens - they're two different things. Vape pens are generally used for oil or concentrates, not dry herb.

Desktop vaporizers are bulkier than portable units and generally need to be plugged in to the wall. There are some exceptions, like the Switch which has a big battery pack, but that's usually how they work. What you give up in portability, you usually gain in performance. Desktop vaporizers usually hit harder and offer a bit more functionality. Many of them allow you to use balloons which you can share. A great thing about desktop vaporizers is that they don't use a battery, since batteries wear down over time. We've had many customers who have been using their Volcano or Extreme Q for over five years now.

Are these vaporizers used for dry herb, concentrates or oils?

That varies on the vaporizer! Some can do dry herb, some can do concentrates and some oils. There are also vaporizers that can handle multiple. This is probably the most important thing to consider when picking a vaporizer. You don't want to buy a dry herb vaporizer when you're planning to use concentrates - it simply won't work if it's not capable.

All of our product pages should tell you what the vaporizer is capable of doing. If not, just shoot us a message and we'd be happy to help.

How does a vaporizer work (conduction vs convection)?

A vaporizer heats up a substance (whether it be dry herb, etc.) to a point where the active ingredients are released, but it does not burn. Most vaporizers nowadays allow you to control the temperature which lets you pick exactly how much vapor comes out of the device.

The way that a vaporizer heats is almost always by either conduction or convection:

Conduction means that the heating chamber touches the dry herb. It transfers heat through direct contact.

Convection means that hot air passes through the dry herb, without any contact. Convection vaporizers generally need more space to function, meaning convection technology is usually found in bigger vaporizers (desktop units).

Although convection is generally the ideal heating technology for a vaporizer, conduction vapes have come a long way in the past few years and perform incredibly well.

How much do vaporizers cost?

It varies and the price can be from $50 to $1000. We do not recommend going too cheap on a vaporizer though because you are risking getting a product that doesn't work very well. The cheapest vaporizers we sell are the DynaVap VapCap M and the Xmax Starry. We've vetted them and they work very well for the price point. If you see vaporizers at a lower cost than that, I would think twice about buying them. It's not really worth it.

Vaporizers on the higher end like the Volcano Hybrid are incredible pieces of technology. They are very efficient and deliver some of the best vapor you'll ever taste. You're paying a premium because of the technology and build quality. More expensive vaporizers usually come with a better warranty too!

What temperature should I set my vaporizer?

The temperature range where a vaporizer works is generally between 157°C and 220°C. Below that temperature you're probably not getting any vapor, and above it you risk burning the matter inside of the vaporizer.

The temperatures also vary by vaporizer but a general rule of thumb is that:

160°C to 180°C will produce nice light vapor. It may not be too visible but you should be able to taste something for sure.

181°C to 200°C is the ideal temperature to start off your bowl. It should produce a bit of visible vapor with a lot of flavour.

201°C to 220°C will produce a lot of visible vapor, but you may not get the best flavour at a higher temperature. It's generally a great way to finish off a bowl as you step up the temperature throughout the session.

Where should I buy my vaporizer?

We may be bias but you should buy one right here at Vaped! We give a free grinder with most vaporizer purchases which means you'll have everything you need to get started. Our customer support is second to none and we're here to help if there are any issues at all. We also ship 99% of our orders within 24 business hours, which means you get your vaporizer fast.