Mighty Review & Vaporizer Tutorial

We're taking a look at the Mighty, which is generally considered the best portable vaporizer ever made! I love my Mighty - let me show you why.


  • Outstanding Flavour
  • No Warm Up Hit
  • Lots of Vapor
  • Cool Vapor
  • No Airflow Restriction
  • Built-In Pokey Tool
  • Even Burn
  • Microdosing
  • Battery Life
  • Pass-Through Charging
  • Capsules

Typical Price: $399.99

  • Plastic Mouthpiece
  • Big Size
  • Not The Best Looking
  • Annoying To Clean
  • Charging Options

Overall, the Mighty is maybe my favorite vaporizer of all time. I think it's just fantastic. I mean, the vapor you get out of this is incredible. It has pass through charging. The battery's great. Just all around what a great vaporizer. If they made it look a little bit more sexy, I'd be head over heels. I mean, I already am, but yeah, just love this thing. I think if you're into vaporizing, it's a pretty big price to swallow, but it's worth it. This will be with you for years to come. We have people who've had this Mighty for three or four years with no problems.

I'm going to show you:

In the Box

Mighty in the box

1 x Mighty Vaporizer
1 x Power Adapter
1 x Liquid Pad
3 x Spare Screens
1 x Cleaning Brush
1 x Aromatic Blend Mill
1 x Filling Aid
1 x Set of Spare Seal Rings
1 x Instructions for Use

Mighty Vaporizer Review

✅ Outstanding Flavour

Mighty good flavour

The first thing I noticed right off the bat was the flavor is outstanding. This is the best portable vaporizer, at least the best tasting one. Maybe the Firefly 2+ tastes as good, but it's not as consistent I find as the Mighty because you need to stir the bowl. The Mighty is always consistently amazing, amazing flavor.

✅ No Warm Up Hit

The second thing I really like about the Mighty is there's no warm-up hit. After using so many vaporizers, I've noticed that a lot of them you need to breathe in a few times before you actually get a vapor. With the Mighty, almost right away you're getting a lot of vapor out of it.

    ✅ Lots of Vapor

    The third thing I like is that I do get a lot of vapor out of it. With the bowl, you can pass this to anybody and they understand how it works right away. There's no learning curve, just take a puff and then you'll get a lot of vapor out of the Mighty. It's really, really, really impressive.

    ✅ Cool Vapor

    Mighty cool vapor

    The fourth thing I like is that vapor comes out exceptionally cool, and by cool I mean temperature wise. It feels like you're just breathing in air essentially, and that's a good thing. Other vaporizers have really hot vapor, which becomes really annoying on your lungs over time, and it's just not as enjoyable. The Mighty, after using it you're like, wow, this is what vapors should really be like.

    ✅ No Airflow Restriction

    The fifth thing I like is that there's no airflow restriction at all. It's crazy how little air flow restriction there is. It's just like breathing in through a really big straw. Yeah, I can't believe they made it so good.

    ✅ Built-In Pokey Tool

    The sixth thing I like is that there's a built-in pokey right there to the bottom of it. It's just a little plastic tool. But if you used vaporizers before, you know how useful pokey can be just to get gunk out of there to change out the bowls and stuff like that. That's really nice to have right on the vaporizer itself.

    ✅ Even Burn

    Mighty even burn

    The seventh thing I like about the Mighty is that it has really even burns. Every time I get herb out of it, out of the top of the chamber, it's always consistently the same color brown. That means that it's vaporizing and burning, I guess not burning, but vaporizing all over the herb. So, you know it's not consistent when it comes out sometimes green, sometimes darker black, but with the Mighty, always the same color and consistency when it comes out of here.

    ✅ Microdosing

    The eighth thing I like about the Mighty is that you can microdose pretty well with it. What I like to do is just take out the capsule, put some herb in the top and then put the capsule back down. Then that means you can use less herb with each go. You can also just put the herb loose in there and people have found that that works quite well too. Yeah, if you're into micro-dosing it and want to use less at a time, then the Mighty's one of the better options for that as well.

    ✅ Battery Life

    The ninth thing that's really impressive is the battery life. Yeah, so it lasts forever in use, three hours or whatever. It really, really lasts a hell of a long time, and I don't find myself needing to charge it often.

    ✅ Pass-Through Charging

    Mighty pass-through charging

    The tenth thing that I really like about it is that has pass through charging, so just plug into the wall. It has a really long cord, so that means you can use it while you're sitting on the couch or at a friend's place or whatever without having to worry about the battery at all. There aren't many other vaporizers, at least portable vaporizers, that have pass through charging, so that's really great to have, and I find it awesome for at-home use.

    ✅ Capsules

    The eleventh thing I like is that it has capsules. It does come with one capsule. All you have to do is take the top off, pop herb in there and put it in the chamber. You can just keep a bunch of them in your pocket.

    Then when you go somewhere like I do, like on a little trip or something or for a hike or something like that, you can just bring a few capsules with you and swap them in and out, and it keeps everything nice and tidy. It's really a step up in vaporizing rather than keeping everything loose in the bowl.

    ❌ Plastic Mouthpiece

     The first negative that I have on the docket for the Mighty is the plastic mouthpiece. It's just a big plastic piece that, after using the Arizer products with a glass mouth piece, I just kind of prefer the glass. But there are pros and cons to that too. The glass can break, so I understand why they use plastic, and I don't think they'll be changing that anytime soon.

    ❌ Big Size

    Mighty size

    The second thing I don't necessarily like about it is that it is a pretty big size. It's not the most discreet of vaporizers - people ask questions when you're sucking from something that looks like the Mighty haha. Check out the Crafty+ if you want something similar but more discreet.

     Not The Best Looking

    The third thing is I don't necessarily love the look of it. I brought it out to friends' places, and they've asked questions like, "What is that, an old timey radio?" It looks like a walkie-talkie. It's fine looking. I just wish it was a little bit more aesthetically pleasing, like the PAX 3, which looks super sleek.

     Annoying To Clean

    Mighty cleaning

    The fifth thing I don't necessarily like about it is it can be annoying to clean. It gets gunky in that bowl. The bowl's pretty easy to clean, but some herb can get around in there. Also, the mouth piece isn't the easiest thing to clean in the world, and you might need to replace it every so often. Compared to something like the Firefly 2+, which is just so easy to swap in and out. Same with the Arizer Solo II is much easier to clean than the Mighty.

     Charging Options

    The sixth thing that I don't like is that it doesn't have USB-C charging. The ideal way to charge a vaporizer now is with USB-C because it's fast. It also means you can plug it in anywhere. If you're at a friend's place without this charger, you can plug it in usually. Somebody will usually have a USB-C charger.

    It also means that you can't use it with a portable battery if you're out on a trip. Since there aren't swappable batteries and I like to use it... I went camping the other weekend. It would've been nice to have a USB-C that I could just plug into my portable battery. But that also isn't a huge problem too. It's just ideally I would like USB-C charging with the Mighty.

    How to use the Mighty

    Okay. Now I'll show you how to use the Mighty. I like to use the capsules every time I use it. It just keeps everything very clean. I have a few of these capsules, but it does come with one. The reason why is because it makes the bowl much less dirty. It keeps all the herb inside of here.

    Packing Mighty Bowl

    The top just swivels off easily. What we're going to do is pop the capsule in there. Otherwise, you just put it into the bowl which works great too! But like I said, I prefer the capsule because it keeps it nice and tidy.

    There you go, snap that back on place, and then you just hold the on button for a bit, for a second or two. You can see the battery charging there and you can adjust the temperature settings as well.

    Mighty Vaporizer Screen

    Like I've said it earlier in this video, it takes a little bit of time for it to heat up. It doesn't jump as fast as other vaporizers when it comes to getting to temperature. But honestly, it's not a problem. I mean, how fast do you need to vaporize anyway, really? But yeah, so we're just waiting. It has haptic feedback, so it'll buzz when it's ready to go. Yeah. We'll just wait a second.

    Yeah. Usually, I'm using the Mighty when I'm sitting on a couch, so I just turn it on and then wait for that buzz to happen and then puff away afterwards. I like it about, 195 to 200 degrees Celsius. Once you get the haptic feedback buzz it's ready to puff.

    With other vaporizers, like the Arizer Solo II, you just don't get as much vapor off the first hit. It's pretty impressive. After that, just keep puffing!

      How to clean the Mighty

      Now, we'll show you how to clean the Mighty Vaporizer. All you really need is rubbing alcohol and a bowl to put that in.

      Before we actually go into a deep clean, I always recommend to brush out the bowl between uses. If you're using capsules, clean out that capsule, maybe brush off the cooling unit screen there after every use. I just make that standard practice. I used a capsule, so put that off to the side for now.

      Okay. It's a little bit confusing to clean the Mighty and I'm not even an expert, but I'll show you to the best of my abilities. First thing is take off the mouth piece. Just kind of snaps out. It's a little bit harder than you think, but it does come out just like that. You can also take off that O-ring somehow. I'll show you in a little bit.

      Anyway, then you push up this locking mechanism and then pull it off, so you have to push down on one side, and then pull it off.

      Mighty locking mechanism

      Okay. Now the bottom part should come off. You have to kind of pull this because it's pretty tight. Okay, so there you go. As you can see in this top part, this entire top piece that doesn't have any O-rings, but it has a bit of a buildup there. That can go in rubbing alcohol.

      Then you can use this pokey tool to take off the bottom O-ring. I'll show you right there. There is the pokey tool. There's a little spot for it, so then you can take off this big O-ring. That can go in rubbing alcohol too. Then this little one should come off somehow. 

      Remove o-rings mighty

      After that, you can push out the screen. I just pushed out the screen with this tool. There's the screen. As you can see, it's gunky, rubbing alcohol. Then we have all the inside here. It's quite dirty in there. This is the bottom part, rubbing alcohol.

      Also, the mouthpiece and this can also go in rubbing alcohol and just pull off that O-ring. It'll come. Come on, Mr. O-ring. We can do it. There you go. We got that little O-ring off the mouthpiece. Okay. Now put everything in there, including that other O-ring that I lost off the table, into some rubbing alcohol.

      Then you have to take out the screen for the bowl. You might not need to if you used the capsules. It doesn't actually get that dirty, but to take it out, you use this tool to poke around the edges, and that will kind of bend it up to take it out. Just one second. I'm getting it. Okay. Now that's out of there. It kind of pops up like that. Oops, I want you to get a better look at that. Pops up like that. It's kind of bent up. That also goes in rubbing alcohol.

      Removing Mighty screen

      Okay. Now we have the screen out of here. We have the cooling unit or the mouthpiece completely disassembled in rubbing alcohol. You can keep that in there and you can rub it around in there, leave it for up to an hour. I would leave it for 10 minutes. Make sure you get all the gunk off there and make sure that the rubbing alcohol is nice and dirty because all that gunk should come off there. Look in all the crevices too, because you'll be surprised where you can find that. You can do that with a Q-tip or this tool to kind of brush everything off of there.

      Then yeah, you'll see that it gets a little bit dirty in there. Storz & Bickel recommends you do this once a week if you're using it heavily. If you're using it not that heavily, maybe once every other week. It's a little bit annoying, but once you get used to it, it's not that bad.

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