Boundless CFX Review & Vaporizer Tutorial

Today we're checking out the Boundless CFX vaporizer. It's a portable, affordable vaporizer that can handle both herbs and concentrates. There's a lot to love about this little unit.

Update 2021: We stick by our review that we did back in 2019. It's still a nice affordable option that delivers some nice vapor. We hope to see more out of Boundless this year!


  • Produces good quality vapor, consistently
  • Quick heat up time (20 seconds)
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Exact temperature control
  • Decent battery life
  • Big, bright screen

Typical Price: $199.00

  • Vapor can get harsh at higher temps
  • No removable battery
  • Not very discreet and doesn't look sleek

The Boundless CFX is a portable vaporizer that delivers consistently good vapor at a fair price point. You no longer need to break the bank just to vaporize your herbs. It can get a big harsh and it doesn't do great with concentrates, but it's still a great unit.

I'm going to show you:

In the Box

Boundless CFX in the box

Here's what's included when you open up the box:

1 x Boundless CFX Vaporizer
1 x Instruction manual
1 x Wall plug: so you can plug it right in to the wall
1 x International adapter: attaches to wall plug based on your location
1 x USB cord: allows to charge via computer (albeit slower)
1 x Concentrate container: used if you want to use waxes/concentrates 
1 x Concentrate tool: used for putting your concentrates in the container
1 x Cleaning brush

Boundless CFX Review

Initial inspection

Boundless CFX initial inspection

Upon initial inspection of Vaporizer, it's not the best designed unit we've seen. If you look at the Davinci IQ or the PAX 3, for example, they just look much more sleek.

It's also not that discreet. People are going to know you're using this if you're out in the public. People are going to wonder what you're doing. But that doesn't detract anything from it.

If you're going to use it mainly at home or on trips and you don't plan on using it in public and you don't care that much about design, it's a perfectly good unit.

Battery Life

Boundless CFX with chargers

When it comes to battery life, the Boundless CFX will last about 90 minutes in use, which translates to about 15 or so sessions, depending on how long you use it.

You have the option to use a USB charger or you can use a wall charger. It charges pretty quick; about half an hour with the wall charger. So that actually is fast compared to other vaporizers. And it'll take probably around two hours if you're using the USB charger with your computer.

A couple of things to keep in mind:
  1. Don't use it while it's connected to the charger. This might ruin the battery. It does have pass through charging which means that you can use it, but I definitely wouldn't recommend doing that.
  2. Unplug it when it's done charging. This isn't an iPhone. It doesn't haven't the advanced technology of overcharging protection, so by overcharging it, you can actually ruin the battery and ruin the unit itself.

Vapor quality

Boundless CFX Vapor Quality

You can pull big clouds with the CFX consistently. It delivers on its promise and consistently delivers good vapor.

It does get harsh at higher temperatures though. Keep that in mind if you want to use it at the higher range. 

The flavour is pretty good. It's not incredible, with some flavour like you get from the GHOST MV1, Firefly 2 or the Mighty, but it is really good for the price point. 

I wouldn't recommend using the CFX as a concentrate vaporizer though. The containers are finicky and not that intuitive. There are better vaporizers out there if you want to use concentrates; go for a pen instead.

Build quality

Boundless CFX in hand

It feels solid in your hand. It may be made in China but it feels well built. This isn't one of those sketchy vaporizers that you find at the corner store.

We've also been dealing with Boundless for a little while now and they're a really good company who does take care of the customers. That means that even if your CFX does malfunction, they'll take care of you with their warranty (as long as you're within the proper date range).

Boundless CFX vs. Mighty

Boundless CFX vs. Mighty

I just wanted to take a second to actually compare the Boundless CFX to the Mighty... because that's what everybody seems to be doing and it's a fair comparison.

If you look at them, they look quite similar. You can tell where Boundless got much of their design inspiration from and they're similar sized units. The Mighty is actually a little bit bigger than the Boundless CFX.

But the Mighty does have better vapor quality. While they're both a hybrid of convection and conduction, the Mighty uses more convection than the CFX.

The Mighty also has a cooling unit, which cools down the vapor. That makes it much more palatable at higher temperatures. As you get to higher temperatures with the Boundless CFX, it gets a little bit harsh and you just don't get that with the Mighty. So that means you can take bigger hits with the Mighty without it really being harsh.

But that's not to discount the Boundless. The CFX is a fantastic vaporizer and it also is half the price, so you have to consider that when you're comparing the two and when you're picking between them.

How to use the Boundless CFX

Let's show you how the Boundless CFX works:

1. Load the chamber

Boundless CFX load chamber

All you need to do is take off the top, then load in your herbs into the chamber. The bowl is pretty big, you can load up to .25 grams in there. Then just pop the lid back on.

2. Press the power button 5 times

Boundless CFX power button

All you need to do is press the "power" button five times for it to turn on. It heats up really quickly and is ready to go in around 20 seconds. It has haptic feedback, which means that it will buzz when it's ready to go.

You can adjust the temperature from 38°C - 220°C by pressing the up or down button.

Tip: Change between Celsius and Fahrenheit by pressing both the up and down button.

3. Inhale

Wait 30-40 seconds for the herb to heat up in the chamber. While it might tell you it's ready 20 seconds in, it's usually better to wait a little bit longer.

Then, inhale that beautiful vapor!

Tip: Inhale slowly when using the Boundless CFX. It has a bit of draw resistance which means you should go low and slow.

How to clean the Boundless CFX

You'll want to maintain your vaporizer by maintaining it and cleaning it after every use.

1. Brush out the bowl after every use

Boundless CFX bowl cleaning

Undo the bowl and then brush out the contents after every use. The brush is actually pretty good and does a good job getting everything out.

You have to do this if you want to maintain your CFX. The bowl will become unusable if you don't clear it out.

2. Wipe the bowl down every so often

Boundless CFX bowl

When you notice the gunk building up on the CFX, or the airflow has become even more restricted, it's time to give it a better wash.

All you need to do is get some isopropyl alcohol or rubbing alcohol and a q-tip. Rub it in the alcohol and then wipe out the inside. So just get right inside of the chamber.

After that, just put the lid back on and then run it at the highest temperature for a few cycles before you put anymore herb in there.

Tip: The orange o-ring comes off. You can use the concentrate tool to help you peel it off. Submerge it in isopropyl alcohol for a few minutes, rinse it off, then pop it back on.

3. Clean the mouthpiece

Boundless CFX Mouthpiece in two

Every so often the mouthpiece will get a little bit dirty as well. You can actually take this off.

So it breaks up into two pieces.

What I like to do is actually rub or keep this piece or put this piece into alcohol for a few minutes and then rinse it in warm water. That will get a lot of the gunk off of the screen in there.

Wrapping it up

Overall, it's a fantastic vaporizer at a decent price point. You can't go wrong with the Boundless CFX.

If you have any questions about the unit, feel free to ask us in the comments down below. 

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