Boundless CFX Vaporizer

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The Boundless CFX is a beast of a vaporizer that comes in at a low price. It’s tough to beat the value you get with the CFX right now with its vapor quality and set of features.

Boundless CFX Description

​​The Boundless CFX is an affordable vaporizer that offers a lot of the features that you might see in a top-end unit. It has an LCD display that shows you temperature and battery life, which makes it very easy to use. It also delivers some nice vapor at a great price.

Performs well at an affordable price

The Boundless CFX vaporizer tips the scales when it comes to vapor production, flavour and performance, packing in features we’d expect to see on a far pricier product but at a fraction of the cost. With a solid 80W power delivery and a mere 20 seconds to full temp control and one of the classier LCDs we’ve seen. You’ll be getting the best value your money can buy with the CFX.

Good flavour from conduction/convection heating

Reviewers and consumers agree that this handy beast scores large when it comes to flavour delivery. With better vapor production than its smaller brother, the pocket sized boundless CF, you can expect an uplifting, enhanced depth of flavour from this, slightly bigger version of the Boundless vaporizer. The mix of conduction/convection heating delivers a consistently tasty experience.

Big bowl for big sessions

Speaking of big, the Boundless CFX caters to extended, home-use sessions (although it is portable) and the 1” x 0.5” chamber will happily accommodate group sessions around the coffee table with a whole 1g in the bowl but…it also takes kindly to half packed sessions, even operating smoothly with as little as 0.3g in the chamber.

With this device’s hybrid convection/conduction heating system, combined with a ceramic element and medical grade plastic internals, we see world class heat distribution and an even vaporization of bud. Long story short, a big-ass bowl with bad-ass performance.

Beautiful LCD display

Here’s a feature that you definitely wouldn’t expect to see on such an affordable dry herb vape or concentrate vaporizer. The Boundless CFX boasts one of the flashier screens around, complete with a perfectly intuitive UI and a slick looking speedometer layout. The 1.7” LCD panel fits in all the necessary readings with space to spare and the pictorial layout might even get you excited about fine tuning your TC settings for a change.

Easy to use and clean

Extended battery life (over 10 sessions), along with simple, 3 button operation, large screen and ‘temp-reached’ vibrations make this device a pleasure to use. What’s more, a magnetic mouthpiece and easy access to the chamber, along with good machining on all parts means that cleaning time really isn’t a hassle at all with the Boundless CFX.


    If you're looking for a vaporizer that has all the features but won't break the bank, you won't go wrong with the Boundless CFX. 

    The CFX is super easy to use, can handle big bowls, has decent battery life and delivers big clouds. It truly is a beast for its price! Currently it's tough to beat the value you're getting for Boundless vaporizers.

    What’s in the box?

    1 x Boundless CFX Vaporizer
    1 x DC Charger
    1 x User Manual
    1 x USB Cable
    1 x Concentrate Pod
    1 x Cleaning Brush
    1 x Packing Tool

    Boundless CFX Specifications

    Manufacturer Boundless
    Vaporizer Type Handheld portable
    Heat Up Time 20 seconds
    Compatibility Herbs, concentrates
    Battery Life 90 minutes
    Heat Style Conduction
    Warranty 3 years w/ Boundless (90 days on battery)
    Temperature 38°C-221°C
    Dimensions 12.9cm x 7cm x 3.2cm
    Weight 206g
    Powered By Battery

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 46 reviews
    Excellent vaporisateur

    Vraiment satisfait du produit, très efficace a faible température, pour plusieurs sessions ou une seul, bon gout, je cherchais un comparatif au mighty a faible cout, je regrette pas cette achat!
    Premiers achat sur! envoie rapide et excellent prix!!

    Great for beginners

    This is my first vaporizer. After doing some research this one seemed the best for my budget. Not super high end but very similar to them.
    It warms up very quickly, like seconds!
    It's nice on the lungs, coughing is minimal compared to smoking the old fashioned way.
    Good size.
    Easy to clean, easy to use.
    I'm still trying to figure out tempuratures but otherwise I'm happy I purchased this one.

    GOOD - but missing a part :/

    Just got home to open this baby - i had used one with my brother back home the past couple of weeks and i really like it so i ordered one. It's missing the filter part of the mouth piece and makes it hard to use. Other then that i really like using it and looking to find a replacement part for the device itself.

    Works well, no issues.

    Ordering and delivery very good and quick. Used it for a few weeks now with my first batch of home grown and I like it. Much smoother inhaling than rolling paper, very mild and easy on the throat. Flavour not the best but I knew this from other reviews so not a disappointment. Besides, I really don't smoke for the flavour anyway. Big advantage, no lingering smell afterwards, which keeps my wife happy. I would recommend and suggest for the price it's a very good buy. If you're big on the full flavour thing, then your gonna pay double.

    First time vaping

    Not a big Stoney ...just wanted to target Cbd . Very happy with this system. I don’t know how people can smoke joints when this device is available. I load with my first home grown attempt and the smoke is pure flavour which was a surprise .I’m 66 years old and not electronically inclined but this is easy to operate.. I never read the instructions just read the reviews and I’m an expert. I don’t like filling the bowl’s kind of messy but I think it’s probably my inexperience . I will need to get a system down.
    ‘Highly’ Recommended.


    Easy ordering...Quick shipping....Great vaporizer. What else can I say. Highly recommend and the Boundless CFX. Thanks all.

    Love it

    Really like this vaporizer. Heats up super-fast. Shipped and delivered pronto. Would definitely recommend.


    Was shipped very quickly and Recieved it the following day. Product was as described and as always boundless exceeds expectations. The grinder that also came is a decent quality aluminum one that's great for travelling. Overall I recommend this product 100% as the big bowl and battery life make it easy, and the website is quick and courteous.

    I like

    Immediate fast delivery and shipping. High quality for a low price. I like it for now, but only for a week have I been using, I hope that next year I will be able to say the same

    Excellent Buy

    My Boundless CFX Vaporizer was packed well and shipped to me in good time. It feels well built and I like how it feels in my hand. I'll be using this unit at home so it’s size (discreetness when out) isn't an issue. My old herb vape was a pen style that showed temperature by coloured lighting, didn't have a big herb chamber, no clear on/off function. The CFX screen shows me all the information I want to see, a great improvement. The draw on it is very good compared to my old unit. It produces cooled smoke, with a clean taste. This is a really good unit at a good price. Bonus: The CFX comes with an attachment for concentrates.


    Ask a Question
    • How do I vape concentrates with my Boundless CFX?

      Included in your purchase of the Boundless CFX is a stainless steel cartridge, with an internal hollow packed with little organic cotton pads. This is your wax/concentrate pod and it drops smoothly into the chamber and allows you to vape your oil or waxes.

    • Is the Boundless CFX a portable or home vaporizer?

      That’s an interesting question…the answer is, it’s both. While the CFX is slightly larger than the extremely portable Boundless CF, we’ve seen a lot of pockets which would accommodate this dry herb and oil vape quite happily, in spite of the fact that the boundless CFX can vape up to a whole gram of bud in one session (almost unheard of for a portable vape). So, the Boundless CFX ticks all the boxes for a convenient, portable device and doesn’t groan when you only want to add 0.3 g for a smaller, personal session but it doubles as a coffee table staple for group sessions, with a chamber that takes up to a whole gram of herbs!