Mighty+ Review & Vaporizer Tutorial

Originally released in 2014, the Mighty easily held the number one position on a lot of best vaporizer lists for some time and it makes sense. Now after eight years, Storz & Bickel have finally updated the unit and I'm excited to take a look at new and improved Mighty+.


  • Style
  • Ease of use
  • Controls
  • Materials 
  • Flavour
  • Battery/ Fast Charging
  • Temperature

Typical Price: $699.00

  • Portability/ Size
  • Complicated to Clean
  • Not dexterous
  • Mouthpiece

All things considers, there’s a very good reason why this lives at the top of everyone's vaporizers list. The previous version was already a dream, but with these upgrades there’s no doubt that the Mighty+ is the best on in market.

I'm going to show you:

In the Box

Mighty+ - In the box

1 x Mighty+ Vaporizer
1 x USB-C Cable
3 x Normal Screen, Small
3 x Coarse Screen, Small
3 x Base Seal Ring, Small
1 x Dosing Capsule
1 x Cleaning brush
1 x Instruction Manual

Mighty+ Review

✅ Style 

When it comes to the Mighty+ in style, the box is almost 60% smaller than the previous model, which I personally like because its shows that they're keeping their carbon footprint in mind. I’d also say everything is very sleek and Apple inspired, you open it up and you have the unit front and centre which is cool. Less is more. Overall, it doesn't look visually different from the previous mighty, but there are very small cosmetic changes on the unit itself.

MIGHTY+ - Style

If you look at the logo as well as the control buttons, it is now in Storz & Bickel signature orange color. The grooves around the heating chamber are no longer straight, but more in a curved pattern which makes it's a little different as well as the logo on the clip to lock the cooling chamber. It now sports a Storz & Bickel logo versus the traditional Mighty logo on the previous unit. This new unit looks like it answers the call & it fills the gaps the previous unit didn't.

Lastly, fins have been added to the bottom of the unit to help the device stand upright on its own with the pick tool, which is an improvement. Again, not much has changed cosmetically on the unit and it makes sense because the Mighty was already at the top, if not number one on everybody's vaporizers list. It makes sense that Storz & Bickel really wouldn't change too much about it. I wouldn't. But that's not to say that they haven't changed things inside of it. When it comes to style this gets a solid 8 out of 10 from me.

✅ Ease of Use

The learning curve of the new Mighty+ it is very easy to use. You put this in the hands of anybody and they'll have this figured out easily. Using this is as simple as removing the cooling unit, putting a micro-dosing capsule in or loading herb directly in, press and hold your power button once. As this has haptic feedback, it'll vibrate once its ready!

As the unit now improves on heats time, you're good to go whenever and wherever in less than 1 minute! With Storz & Bickel it's pretty standard that everything on their devices are straight forward and user friendly. That said when it comes to the ease of use, this gets a nine out of 10. Just like the previous Mighty, super easy to use.

    ✅ Controls

    Mighty + - Controls

    The controls on the new Mighty+ unit are straightforward. I feel new consumers and existing consumers alike are going to continue to enjoy this product. Put this in the hands of anyone, and I mean, anyone, they can have this figured out. Even when it comes to the added features, I love how there isn't an added button, but uses consistent design to conceal it.

    To toggle through the temperature metrics, all you have to do is press and hold the up and down buttons to switch from Celsius to Fahrenheit. With this handheld beast what you see is what you get, and what you get is a lot. As most seasoned vaporizer users know, Storz & Bickel, they don't cheap out on their products and they're known quality and their care. When it comes to controls of this thing, I'm going to give it a 9 out of 10.

    ✅ Materials

    Mighty + - Materials

    In regards to materials, everything on this new Mighty+ is made with the same high medical grade plastics. Everything from the mouthpiece I personally enjoy, even though some individuals enjoy using glass mouth pieces. I feel they’re not durable as they can break easily, so with Storz & Bickel units, I understand the logical choice to minimize wear and tear in order to produce a superior product.

    The buttons are made with a nice rubber silicone that feels nice on the fingers. Again less is more. I would say the only thing that's different is the filling chamber which has been upgraded with ceramic material. So it's more resistant and more durable to wear and tear, which is another plus. I know for a fact there are some users out there that still have their old mighty device and use it daily with no issues! No bad for an eight-year old device, honestly if it ain't broke, don't fix it. 8 out of 10 when it comes to materials.

    ✅ Temperature 

    Mighty+ - Temperature

    The temperature on this new Mighty+ unit is stellar. It has the same precise temperature ranging from 40 degree Celsius to 210 degree Celsius. (104F-410F) But where the improvement lies is in the heat up time, this new Mighty+ unit only takes 60 seconds as opposed to the two and a half minutes the previous one took.

    Now this may not feel like a big change, but to Storz & Bickel users, trust me when I say they will beg to differ. With a top of the line, portable handheld vaporizer that heats up in record time, that hits like a desktop vaporizer, trust me that change will be noticeable. Storz & Bickel have also added a super booster function which is essentially a 16-degree temperature boost to your current temperature setting. Temperature on the Mighty+ gets a 9 out of 10.

    ✅ Flavour

    Mighty + - Flavor

    The Mighty+ has the same great tasting flavor that the previous one has which is hands down the best in the market. Regardless of low or high temperatures, this is guaranteed to provide big hits that produce a lot of vapor that tastes amazing. Did I mention there's little to no air restriction? Also with the updated ceramic chamber, you're going to get a consistent even extraction every single time you use this thing which is amazing. Flavor gets a 9 out of 10.

    ✅ Battery/Fast charging

    Mighty+ - Battery

    Another one of the noticeable changes about this new Mighty+ is the USB-C charging capability. Now this thing has lightning fast charging abilities only taking 40 minutes to get an 80% battery charge. It now takes almost less than an hour to get a full battery charge, which will last you a solid 1.5 hours of consistent usage which is amazing. Wth this is one of the changes that a lot of users were expecting, having lightning fast charging ability so you can charge on-the-go, will definitely keep them pleased.

    The new Mighty+ just keeps filling in the gaps that the previous Mighty had. I personally feel this USBc charging is going to change the game keeping in mind that this still does have pass through charging. The only downside is that the power adapter isn't included in the box. Users still get up to a solid 60 to 90 minutes of consistent usage depending on temperature which is still amazing. 9 out of 10 when it comes to battery.

    ❌ Portability/Size

    Mighty +  portability/size

    When talking portability, this unit hasn't really changed much from the previous one. It has the same dimensions along with the same weights metrics. I feel the newer one might be a little bit lighter because of the updated plastics used, but more or less it's pretty much the same.

    Yes - this can fit into pockets, front and back but when you're holding the unit you know that you're holding it. This might feel like an oversized juice box or a hard drive to be completely honest for some. Like the previous model, this isn't as discreet, but that's totally fine. In society today, it's not uncommon to see people vaping, but unless you're trying to hide the fact, this may not be the one for you.

    ❌ Complicated to Clean

    Mighty+ - Battery

    Whilst the Mighty+ is very easy to load, operate and reset for a new session, it can be very annoying and complicated to clean. More particular, giving the cooling chamber a deep clean can be tasking especially when not maintained constantly.

    ❌ Not dexterous

    In comparison to other vaporizers on the market, this unit is relatively large but loading the micro-dosing capsules and replacing pieces after cleaning regimens can be a bit bothersome for anyone that may have dexterity issues. The Mighty+ does include a pick to help with stuck herb in hard to reach places as well as removing O-Rings.

    ❌ Plastic Mouthpiece

    All depending on the type of user that you are, some may not enjoy the plastic mouth piece attached to this unit. Using the Mighty+ at higher temperatures, the mouthpiece does get hot and uncomfortable for some. Other vaporizers in the market are known for using glass stems/mouthpieces which it cools the majority of the vapor faster than plastic. With this updated model, its understandable why Storz & Bickel kept their winning design consistent as the previous Mighty dominated the market in its category.

    How to use the Mighty+

    Mighty+ - How to use p1

    Using your Mighty+ is going to be very simple process because this is a very easy device to use. One thing I will mention before loading herb into the chamber is that you want to sterilize the unit. Essentially placing the temperature at max and letting it run for a few cycles. This helps burn all the manufacturing oils ensuring sterilization.

    Afterwards, simply remove the cooling chamber by twisting the cap off. Once removed, you’re going to load medium grind herb directly into the chamber, or load it into one of the dosing capsules included for micro-dosing which keeps it very, very clean.

    Make sure you don't pack the material in too tight. Once you’ve placed the lid back on, you’ll need to press the power button where the temperature will heat back to its previous setting. With this new upgraded unit, the Mighty+ now heats in 60 seconds as opposed to the two and a half minutes the previous version took.

    Mighty+ - How to use p2

    Once you’ve hit temperature the unit will vibrate as it has haptic feedback and you’re ready to pull and you’ll experience instant flavor right off the bat. Even with the battery low this unit is consistent. If you want to switch temperature metrics, all you have to do is press the up and down metric simultaneously. If you want to use the new super booster function, press the power button three times rapidly. This will give you an instant 60 degrees temperature boost. In a nutshell, this is how to navigate your way around the new Mighty+ super easy to use.

      How to clean the Mighty+ 

      Mighty+ - How to clean Pt1

      Typically after every session you should take off the cooling chamber, remove the dosing capsule and clean any spent herb in and around the crevices. You’ll also don't want to forget about the bottom of your cooling chamber, clean off any material in and around the screen. Using the brush that comes in the box makes it very simple to brush any excess herb out. Now you're pretty much reset to have another session.

      When it comes to this device and doing a thorough cleaning, I would first say offhand that this isn’t the easiest to clean as it’s a multi-step process. Storz & Bickel does recommend that you do this process at least once a week. But if you only use the unit moderately, then I would only recommend this maybe two, three weeks. As most vaporizers, you want to keep it clean so it doesn't affect the flavor as well as the integrity of your unit.

      Mighty+ - How to clean Pt2

      As this is a multi-step process the more that you do it, it'll become natural. The first thing you want to do is remove the cooling chamber, then the mouthpiece. To remove simply apply a little pressure and pull. You will notice right off the top that there is an O-ring attached that will need to be removed.

      Afterwards you’ll want to remove the locking mechanism on the cooling chamber, right here where the Storz & Bickel logo is. You’ll need to push it toward the mouthpiece which will unlock the clip that holds the entire mechanism together. Afterwards, lift the clip up from its side and it should pop out.

      Mighty+ - How to clean 2

      Once finished, you’ll want to look at the bottom of your cooling chamber and start pulling this section apart. As you pull, it’ll slowly start coming apart. If you pull while rocking it back and forth, you'll notice it'll seamlessly start to come apart. After setting these pieces aside, you’re going to take the pick tool and remove all the O-rings.

      After collecting, you’ll want to place them in a bowl with ISO alcohol to soak for 15 minutes then rinse with hot water and soap. Along with the O-rings you’ll want to place all the plastic pieces “except” the mouthpiece and the locking mechanism for the cooling chamber and repeat the same regimen.

      Mighty+ - How to clean 2

      Let the plastic pieces with grime soak for about an hour. Once the ISO alcohol touches any of the gunk, that majority of it will automatically get pulled off the material making it will easier to clean. When it comes to the mouthpiece (if you need to clean) go through it with a Q-tip to remove any material then, soak it in hot water and soap and leave overnight. Rinse with with hot water and soap, let the pieces dry, then reassemble for another session!

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