Healthy Rips Fury Edge Review & Vaporizer Tutorial

Let's take a look at the Healthy Rips Fury Edge vaporizer. It's a portable vaporizer at the low-mid range price point that has a number of attachments you can add on.


  • Fast heat up
  • Good vapor production
  • Efficient with herb
  • Decent battery life
  • USB-C charging
  • Easy to use
  • Nice capsules

Typical Price: $219.99

  • Vapor can be harsh
  • No pass-through charging
  • No removable battery

I highly recommend getting the Fury Edge vaporizer. I think it's perfect if you already have a desktop vaporizer and you want a portable unit, or if you're looking for your first vaporizer, but you're not ready to spend a ton of money on something like a Firefly 2+ or Mighty.

I'm going to show you:

In the Box

Fury Edge in the box

Here's what's included when you open up the box:

1 x Fury Edge Vaporizer
​1 x Protective 'Smell' Cover
1 x Mouthpiece with Glass Vapor Path​
1 x Accessories Attachment for Glass
1 x Glass Mouthpiece for Attachment
1 x Wall Charger
1 x USB-C Charging Cord
1 x Stainless Steel Oil & Wax Pad
1 x Extra O-Ring & Screen Set
1 x Wax & Cleaning Tool
1 x Cleaning Brush
1 x Tweezers
1 x User Manual

Healthy Rips Fury Egde Review

✅ Fast Heat Up Time

Fury Edge fast heat up time

The first thing I really like about it is the fast heat up time. Just press the side button (home button) three times and then it starts to heat up and it's ready in about 30 seconds. It's not instant like the Firefly 2+, so it's not an on demand vaporizer, but it's quick. You're never waiting around for the Fury Edge to heat up.

✅ Great Vapor Production

Second thing I really like about it the Fury Edge is that I can get really big clouds from this little thing. With some other vaporizers you need to learn tricks to get it to produce, I'm never hoping for more vapor from it. I actually need to turn the temperature down sometimes!

Although the flavor could be a bit better, you'd only notice that if you've used a high end vaporizer in the past. If it's your first vaporizer I doubt you'd notice.

✅ Super Efficient

fury edge super efficient

The third thing I like is that it's super efficient with herb. I've been using a Firefly 2+ a lot and I've had to mix the bowl quite a bit. With this, I don't have to mix the bowl at all. Usually I find that the bowls come out perfectly brown throughout or at least those little capsules that I have. That means it's efficient and you're getting a lot out of it.

✅ Good Battery Life

The fourth thing I like is the battery's pretty good. So you can get five or six bowls out of each charge. That's actually great for a vaporizer of this size. Even the new Crafty+ only gets about seven bowls, so it's not a big improvement on this one and as long as you remember to charge it.

✅ USB-C Charging

fury edge usb-c

The next thing I really like is that it's USB-C charging. If you don't know what that is, that means you can plug it in either way, unlike mini-USB. This is a big improvement because charging ports are actually one of the things we get the most complaints about breaking. Also USB-C drastically reduces the charge time so your Healthy Rips Fury Edge is ready to go fast!

✅ Easy To Use

The Fury Edge is also super easy to use. It has a screen which makes it easy to turn it on, understand where your battery's at, and change the temperature. A lot of the new vaporizers are getting you to add apps on your phone. I don't know why that's necessary. As long as you can get a screen on there, you don't need to add an app on your phone.

✅ Great Capsules

fury edge capsules

The Fury Edge capsules work really well. These Fury Edge capsules are super easy to use and the little lids actually snap on unlike the Ghost MV1. I've actually only used it with the capsules, so it's super clean in there. As long as you keep using the capsules, you'll keep it clean and you won't have to do much maintenance on it.

❌ Vapor Can Be Harsh

The first thing I don't like is that the vapor can be quite harsh. You want to keep it around 370 degrees Fahrenheit. Otherwise it gets quite harsh on the back of your throat after prolonged use. It's not cool like if you're using a Firefly 2+, they're the next step up in vaporizing and they're not harsh on your throat. It gets a little bit hot on the lips. Something like using the water bubbler will definitely help with though.

❌ No Pass-Through Charging

fury edge no pass-through charging

The other thing is, it doesn't have pass-through charging. So if you're out of battery you're going to have to wait for it to charge, which can take over an hour. So you know, the Mighty has pass-through charging, it's something that comes with more expensive vaporizers.

❌ No Removable Battery

The last thing I don't like is that it doesn't have a removable battery. But then again, that's a complaint I have for almost all portable vaporizers right now. Pretty much only the Xmax Starry and the Arizer ArGo have it available. It's nice to have extra batteries with you, especially if you're going on a trip. But the Fury Edge battery lasts long enough where that's not a huge complaint I have.

How to use the Fury Edge

Let's take a look at how the Fury Edge works. First step, if you're using herb, is to get your grinder grind up your herb. If you're using the capsules you can pop off the top and load them up. Don't press down too tight but do make sure they're filled up. If you're not using capsules, fill up the oven.
Fill fury edge chamber Once you've filled the chamber you're ready to turn it on. On the side there's the home button. Press it three times and the Fury Edge will come to life and will begin heating up.
use fury edge press button
Then you can adjust the temperature up or down. I like it about 360 to 370. I find if I go much higher than that it's a little bit harsher.
Once it buzzes via the haptic feedback it's at temperature and ready to go! That's what I like about it, it's so simple to use. Take a long 10(ish) second draw from the vaporizer and you should see some some vapor when you exhale.

How to clean the Fury Edge

Cleaning the Fury Edge and maintaining it is pretty easy. All you need is some rubbing alcohol and some Q-tips.
cleaning fury edge
Here are the basic instructions:
  • Pour some rubbing alcohol in a bowl
  • Remove the mouthpiece from the Fury Edge
  • Remove the o-ring and screen from mouthpiece
  • Soak the o-ring, screen and capsules/canisters in rubbing alcohol for a couple minutes
  • Soak q-tip in alcohol and rub out the interior of the mouthpiece and oven
  • Re-assemble and do this weekly if you use your Fury Edge often

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