Davinci IQ Vaporizer Review

Davinci IQ

So, you are in the market for a new vaporizer? And, let us guess, you are looking for a premium model that is not only reliable, feature rich, but also portable and delivers a great flavour... right?

Well, you can pretty much stop looking because you just struck gold. The Davinci IQ is one of the best portable dry herb vaporizers on the market right now. Here's our Davinci IQ review:


  • Perfect small size is convenient to carry
  • The IQ is beautifully designed
  • Removable battery
  • Great vapor quality for its size
  • Three different modes
  • Haptic feedback is handy

Typical Price: $259.00

  • Can get hot after prolonged use
  • The pearl is easy to lose
  • There is a bit of draw resistance

The IQ comes with plenty of features that will not only make your vaping experience pleasant, but take it to a whole other level. While it can get a little hot, it's an advanced portable vaporizer that is great if you're on the move.

One of the things that separate it from the competition is the fact that it has a three-way-cooling feature which results in a delightful flavour and unique vaporizing experience.

Also, the design and the quality of build make it easy to store it in your pocket, without worrying that it will get damaged. And, we also have to mention that with this vaporizer, you are getting an app that is pretty useful and user-friendly, and you will actually love using.

But, enough of the introduction, let’s take a look at all the bells and whistles that make the DaVinci IQ one of the most wanted vaporizers today.

Davinci IQ's Features

Here are the features that make this vaporizer stand out from the crowd:

Precision Mode

Some like it hot, while others like it hotter. And, the Davinci IQ can work both. This actually means that you will be able to set the desired temperature according to your vaping preferences. You can start at lower temperatures, and gradually increase by using the up and down arrows. Pinpoint your perfect temperature.

Smart Path Mode

If messing with the temperature is not your cup of tea, you can let the IQ do it for you. The Smart Path mode increases the temperature gradually for a better effectiveness. You can either leave it on full auto and let the IQ do its magic with its own settings, or you can customize the temperature changes through the app.

User Friendly Buttons

The control panel of the IQ comes with a slick, modern design. It doesn’t have too many confusing buttons, only the power on/off and up and down arrows. The buttons are all highlighted with illuminating rings that light up when you press them.

As for how complicated it is to use these buttons, it doesn’t get any simpler than this. You can do tons of stuff with them: from setting the temperature, checking how much juice is left in the battery, to even switch to incognito mode (aka “Stealth Mode”). This mode is especially useful for the occasions where you don’t want everybody to know you are vaping as the light dims right down.

Davinci IQ with controller

The only downside we found with the control through buttons is that it can get a bit tricky to memorize all the settings button combinations. You may have to carry around the instructions with you to start.

Swappable Batteries

Unlike with many other vaporizers—where after a year of use, the internal, fixed battery dies and all you can do is throw the entire vaporizer away or use it as an overpriced paper weight—the IQ has a better battery solution. They're easily replaceable!

The Lithium ion battery IQ uses is capable of going through around 500 cycles, meaning it will last for quite some time. And, once the battery actually dies, you can swap it with a new one and any 18650 battery over 10 amps will work just fine.

Also it has pass-through charging which means the battery can charge while in the vaporizer itself. Charging through the microUSB port will set you back some 4 hours. If charged with the external charger, which you have to buy additionally, the charging time is 2 times. We recommend getting a few spare batteries and the external charger so that you don’t have to take breaks between charging.

Half-Oven Packing

If you are a solo adventurer, DaVinci IQ has you covered there as well. There’s no need to fill the oven completely. You can use either the 10mm for shorter sessions, or a 6mm spacer. The spacers are easy to get in and out, and highlight the versatility of this vaporizer.

​Mouthpiece Adapters

When it comes to mouthpiece and the adapters, with the IQ, you get a 10mm adapter as a replacement for the standard mouthpiece, and is also compatible with any 10mm female cut water pipe. Of course, if you want to go wider, you can opt for a 14mm adapter, or even an 18mm one, which will turn your IQ into a great companion for any water pipe.

Size and Portability (9.5/10)

The IQ comes with a quite pleasant feel while holding due to its comfortable-for-holding design. This vaporizer comes in the similar shape as the DaVinci’s previous model, the Ascent, only in a much smaller package. Its small size is really a highlight of our review.

Davinci IQ on tableThanks to its curvy design and small size, the IQ can fit into your jeans pocket. If you decide to use the flat mouthpiece, you can even hold it inside your fist and it will be impossible for others to see what you are doing.

Here are the official dimensions and weight of the DaVinci IQ vaporizer:

  • Height - 9cm
  • Width - 4.2cm
  • Depth - 2.4cm
  • Weight with battery - 145g
  • Weight empty - 96g

Performance and Vapor Quality (8.5/10)

The overall performance, the quality and flavor of the vapor are things where the IQ thrives, especially for its size. The biggest secret to this success are the Zirconia pearl and the Flavor chamber. Now, the Flavor Chamber is a feature than no other vaporizers offer. It is a chamber right between the oven and the mouthpiece.

You can use it for two things: leave it empty, so that the vapor cools down before you inhale it, or to place your herb in it. What do you get by doing this? Plenty, actually! The sticky residue that comes from the herb you are vaping goes through the flavor chamber and coats the herb in the “waiting room”. Not only that you get a blend of two different flavors, but you also make the “waiting” herb more potent! A win win situation.

Also, the Zirconia pearl heats up the herb evenly every time without combustion, so you can rest assured that you are using the herb’s full potency in every of your vaping sessions. And, thanks to the additional space in the Flavor chamber, not only that the vapor comes out cooled down, but it is always dense and you don’t have to turn red while “sucking” through the mouthpiece. The vapor comes out with ease and the entire process is like breathing air.

Build Quality and Design (9/10)

The build quality and design of the IQ are top notch and exactly how a portable vaporizer should be built! As we mentioned above, the slick design makes it really comfortable for holding and it slides into a pocket super easily.

Also, there are no empty spaces or moving parts (moving on their own will when you don’t want them to) vaporizer is made of metal and ceramic Zirconia. The only thing that is made of plastic is the part that separates the battery compartment from the Flavor chamber. The hinges and doors are also made of metal and really well built so there isn’t a single part of the IQ that looks cheap, no matter from which angle you look at it.

Davinci IQ box

The only downside that we found is that the flat mouthpiece gets warm when you are vaping so you have make breaks between puffing. But, even that can be solved by using the longer mouthpiece, though it does affect the portability and you would have to change the mouthpieces every time you take it out of the pocket.

However, this is not a deal breaker and we feel that the size, portability, and the quality of the build will make this vaporizer your favorite choice for years and years to come.

How to use the Davinci IQ?

Using the IQ is as simple as 1-2-3-4. Here is how you should do it in 4 simple steps:

  1. Use a herb grinder to break down the herb as this increases the surface area, maximizes the efficiency, and improves the quality of the vapor and the cloud.
  2. Open the chamber, fill it up with the herb, and fill up the Flavor chamber if you want, with a different strain herb or some aromatic material, and close the chamber once the filling is done.
  3. To power up the vaporizer you need to click the power button 5 times, and one more time to switch between the Smart Path and Precision modes. Then, click the up or down arrows to choose the temperature if in Precision mode, or the up arrow to start the Smart Path sequence.
  4. Once the heating is finished, simply inhale the vapor through the mouthpiece of your choice.

Note: The IQ vaporizer comes with 4 different heating temperature settings, and each of them can be customized through the app. Also, even without the app, the vaporizer itself allows you to change the preset temperatures up or down for a degree, so that you can fine tune the overall experience even if your smartphone is “dead”.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning and maintaining the DaVinci IQ vaporizer is a rather simple process. Everything is within reach and can be removed to be soaked in 91% or higher isopropyl alcohol (except the battery of course). The first thing you need to do when you decide to clean the vaporizer is to unscrew the pearl, remove the gasket and mouthpiece and disassemble them.

Once all the parts had spent a night in ISO, you need to wash them with warm water so that the alcohol goes away. Then comes the drying up part and reassembling. Voilà! Your vaporizer is clean and ready for new sessions.

What's Included in the Box?

The dry herb DaVinci IQ vaporizer package, includes the following:

1 x DaVinci IQ vaporizer
2 x Zirconia mouthpieces - 1 extended + 1 flat
1 x Integrated packing tool
1 x Cleaning accessories (Chimney brush and alcohol wipes)
1 x microUSB charging cable
1 x Carry can for extra herbs
1 x 10mm adapter

As you can see, the starter pack includes everything you need to start vaping. If you want to accessories, there’s also a wide selection of various accessories for this model that will allow you to customize and experiment to achieve completely new levels of vaping.

Final Thoughts

The Davinci IQ is a vaporizer that opens up new possibilities for vaping enthusiasts. It is extremely portable, convenient, comes with some never-seen-before features. It can be used right out of the box, with factory settings, or completely customized which makes this vaporizer ideal for both beginners and experienced vaping enthusiasts. It was a pleasure to review the Davinci IQ.

For those who are fans of tasting vapor from stylishly designed, portable vaporizers, this will be a top pick. We found only one downside that is not an actual deal breaker if you are willing to use the longer mouthpiece to avoid the heating sensation of the flat mouthpiece. Or, you can simply take shorter puffs!

Also, the price tag may seem a little high at first. But, considering the unique features, the exquisite flavor of the vapor, and the ability to customize the experience in a bunch of whole new ways, we think that you should see it as an investment. The Davinci IQ vaporizer may be the last vaporizer you ever buy!

Buy the Davinci IQ now!

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