Boundless CF Vaporizer

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The Boundless CF is a compact vaporizer that delivers fantastic value for your money. It’s easy to use and you’ll love the vapor it produces. The CF is an affordable alternative to the Crafty.

Boundless CF Description

​The Boundless CF is the smaller brother to the CFX. People have been calling it a more affordable Crafty vaporizer and they're not far off. The CF may not have vapor quality quite as good as the Crafty, but it's a darn good portable vaporizer for its price.

Heats up fast

As an affordable vaporizer, you might expect it to take a while to heat up. That isn’t the case with the Boundless CF though. It takes just 20 seconds to heat up your herb to the desired temperature. You don’t have to wait around for long before it’s ready to hit.

Affordable but dependable

The CF is an awesome choice for beginners because it doesn’t break the bank. That being said, it’s still easy to use, maintain and it produces some great vapor. With the Boundless CF you’re getting performance that is about 80% as good as vaporizers that are 3x more expensive. You can depend on it to produce big clouds time and time again.

Small and portable

When it comes to performance/size ratio, the Boundless CF vaporizer performs great. It’s only 9cm x 6 cm which means that it can easily fit in your pocket, unlike its bigger brother the Boundless CFX which is too big for that. That makes it a great vaporizer for outdoor adventures and for trips. Just toss it in your pocket or a bag.

Just be aware that you’re giving up a bit of battery performance compared to the CFX due to the smaller size.

Convection/conduction delivers great vapor

The CF uses the same hybrid heating chamber, made of ceramic, as the Boundless CFX. They both deliver great vapor with big clouds. The CF also has very free airflow. That means that you can inhale easily and to pull a lot of vapor from your herb or concentrate. The vapor density goes up with the temperature.

On top of that, it works well with all sizes of bowls. While some vaporizers only work with very packed chambers, you can have a small or large bowl with the CF.

Easy to use with 5 temps

The Boundless CF interface is really easy to use. The process is simple, with a 5x-press of the button, you can either turn the vaporizer on or off. To change the temperature, you just need to hold the button for 2 seconds each time you want to change it.

There are 5 preset temperatures you can use: 179° C, 188° C, 196° C, 204° C, and 213° C. And, the blue LED strip on the left side of the button will tell you which temperature setting you are using.

Also, the sleep mode activates after 5 minutes of inactivity and you can “wake up” the CF vaporizer with a 2-second press of the button.


If you're looking for an affordable vaporizer that can fit in your pocket, you'd be hard pressed to find a better alternative than the Boundless CF. It's compact, easy to use, delivers big clouds and looks great.

Boundless has really knocked it out of the park with their CF and CFX vaporizers. They're a great first step in to vaporizing and you won't be disappointed with the results.

What’s in the box?

1 x Boundless CF Vaporizer
1 x User Manual
1 x USB Cable
1 x Concentrate Pod
1 x Cleaning Brush
1 x Packing Tool

Boundless CF Specifications

Manufacturer Boundless
Vaporizer Type Handheld portable
Heat Up Time 20 seconds
Compatibility Herbs, concentrates
Battery Life 60 minutes
Heat Style Conduction
Warranty 3 years w/ Boundless (90 days on battery)
Temperature 179°C-213°C
Dimensions 9cm x 6cm
Weight 142g
Powered By Battery

Customer Reviews

Based on 103 reviews
Good Vape, needs charging

Good consistent vape. Effective use upon each session. My only downside, is the frequency of charging. I read somewhere it should give 10-15 sessions between charges, but seems more like 8. So need to charge in regular basis is you’re a frequent user. Heats up fairly quick.


Great looking machine, discreet, to a certain only negative comment is that the little filter on the top bit could be easier to clean and maybe a little funnel could be provided to make loading a bit easier. But will certainly recommend this to like minded friends!

Giving Vaporizers Direct and the CF another chance.

After some delay, Vaporizers Direct have offered a replacement for my faulty CF vaporizer, which arrived dead. Hopefully all will be well. Seems to be a high battery failure rate, though, if you read a fair few of these reviews. Hope my replacement CF will work as well as others have described!


It works great, super quick heat up and give a great flavour. Clouds aren’t huge but still get a great high


I don't have a lot of experience with vaporizers, but I'm very happy with this purchase. Super enjoyable experience, easy to use, quick heating, battery life isn't amazing but that hasn't been a real problem so far.

Great product, especially considering the price.

Compact and easy to use

Very compact, easy to use, and quick heating time. Bought it as a gift for my boyfriend and he loved it. Great for first time users.

Best low cost product on the market

I am so happy with my Vape! I Get some great bellows out of it!

Worth it!

Really happy with my purchase! It's my first dry herb vape and I'm happy to report that it's a great buy! Very functional, easy to use and durable. The only thing is that I wish it had more battery life, but I think that's a trend through all vaporizers, not just this model. Still giving it 5 stars! Love it!

Great Produce

Excellent product, price and delivery. Thanks VAPED! I've had and used a couple vaporizers in the past, this one exceeds much more expensive models in performance and appearance. If you are thinking of buying a Boundless CF, don't! Buy two or more and give one to a friend!!

Great deal

Works awesome for its price. Easy to fill and empty. Only complaint is battery life could be longer but it's still good for a decent session.


Ask a Question
  • Does CF come with parts that need replacing after a while?

    After a while you will need to replace parts that are easy to lose, such as the screens. With good maintenance you won’t have to do much though.

  • How good is the battery life and how long does it take to recharge it?

    On a full charge, you can get from 10 to 15 5-minute sessions, depending on the temperature settings you are using. The good thing about this vaporizer is that it has a 5-minute auto shutoff feature that saves the battery when you are not using it. The Boundless CF vaporizer needs 3 hours to recharge from completely empty to full battery, with the provided USB cable.

  • Is the CF designed only for dry herb use or can it also use concentrates?

    The boundless CF vaporizer is designed in a way that allows it to use both dry herb and concentrates. But, for the concentrates, you need to use the concentrate pod.

  • Who is the CF right for?

    This vaporizer is meant for people who like to enjoy dry herb vaping session but don’t want to spend a small fortune. The CF is small and portable, extremely easy to use, heats up in 20 seconds, and delivers both great taste and thick clouds.