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Product Features

  • Convection Heating: The Swift Pro offers convection heating technology, which allows for a quick heat up time and optimal flavor potency.
  • Flavour: The Swift Pro flavor range goes unmatched, as it also produces cool, potent clouds.
  • Feel in Hand: It feels elegant in hand, with a soft outer shell to help maintain grip.

Flowermate Swift Pro Description

The Flowermate Swift Pro delivers the highest quality of flavor from whatever material you’re using. With its convection heating, expect nothing but the best. The SP is easy to use, quick to heat, and allows for a fantastic vaping experience.

Flowermate has developed a full convection vaporizer that preserves the taste of your dry herbs by sending heated air through an isolated heating path, eliminating the carcinogens found during combustion.

Great Flavor

You'd be hard pressed to find better flavour in another vaporizer. With each hit you’ll be completely transcended by the taste. For such a small device, the SP delivers extremely cool and full clouds, guaranteeing you’ll never be left unsatisfied.


The heat up time for the Swift Pro vaporizer is relatively quick, going from herb to vapor in just under 30 seconds. The Swift Pro will only heat your substances while you’re taking a hit, allowing you to conserve the limited battery life. The SP also offers full temperature control, allowing for even more of a custom experience.


There’s no other way to put it, other than the SP just feels great in hand. The device was made to be held, carried, and stored in the pocket. The outer shell helps with grip, and also doubles as insulation, protecting your vape even further.

Recommended for...

The Flowermate Swift Pro is the perfect vaporizer for anyone looking for an easy-to-use full convection vaporizer. 


    Since it is a convection vaporizer, the Swift Pro heats the air which passes through the dry herb in the chamber (rather than heating the dry herb directly like a conduction vaporizer). For best results use a very slow draw - we have found 20-50% of normal inhalation speed works best. 

    This allows the hot air to vaporize the dry herbs in the chamber.  If you have used conduction vaporizers in the past, this draw / inhale speed will feel very slow at first, but it makes a huge difference when using the Flowermate Swift Pro.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 30 reviews
    Good little device

    The learning curve for this device is much smaller than I would say for other 100% pure convection devices such as the MV1 which made my first few sessions much more productive I would say. It's also the cheapest decent quality full convection vape you can get as well for flower, so I certainly can't complain there. Cleaning it is a bit of a nuisance but it's easy enough if you do it often. Hits are to be expected from something with no conduction heating and the temperature range is more than you would need I would say. Taste is mostly unadulterated so I am happy there as well. Unfortunately it's not nearly as solidly built as something such as the Firefly 2+ but as long as you handle it gently it's just as good I would say. Battery life does completely blow and the battery display is always wrong no matter how long or short it's been charging. I would say I get about two sessions out of a full charge so just keep it charging all the time. If you are new to true convection Vapes (MV1, firefly) it's a good low price point starter to see if you would appreciate this type of flower vaping. It's very different from conduction Vapes and hybrids (think the mighty or pax3) as in you don't get as much "vapor" but you get much more flavor and absolutely no worries of combustion happening. I find the taste from true full convection vapes to be the closest in taste to combustion.

    Worth the Money

    The customer service was excellent, and I received it fairly quickly, so I was pleasantly surprised about that. The unit itself? Awesome. Battery life isn't super long, but was actually longer than I expected based on previous reviews. Couldn't be happier, and I'm loving convection. I may never smoke again!

    Outstanding service! Outstanding product!

    Im very happy with my swiftpro vape!, it saves me bud!, gives me good hits without the burning and irritation, and its very easy and convenient to use.

    Great taste, sucky battery

    The order was shipped and received quickly. Great product. Great taste. Battery sucks. But for the price, you can't beat it. It's just that the battery life really sucks.


    Yes worked well.got product in mail less than a week will buy again great experience.TB

    Excellent product

    Excellent product, excellent service. I recommend it as a portable vaporizer

    Two thumbs up!

    I'm pretty happy with the purchase, it works pretty well. It's light and easy to use. I do wish the battery last longer but I am able to finish my session so I'm happy with that, I also charge it after each uses. The interchangeable rings are fun, and I'm also surprised on how easy it is to clean. I also noticed that it seem to make my flower last longer too. I really like the control temperature. I do notice different taste in different strain and it's enjoyable. Super fast to heat up and reheat too. I do recommend it!


    Yes my wife is happy, she has parkenson's. It is taking her awhile to understand how it is used. Thank you for making the product available.

    Highly Reccomend

    This product is perfect for anyone who is looking for maximum flavor without producing large vapor clouds. Quick heat up, easy cleaning, maximum extraction of active ingredients. Pure convection with no conduction. Had a warranty issue and the unit was replaced by vaped.ca and flowermate. Customer Service was 5 star from both companies. Also love the vaped grinder.

    As expected

    It arrived on time and in good order. Easy to use, heats up quickly, does the job nicely. Lightweight, good size, feels good in the hand. Battery has not been an issue for me, but I just charge after each use. Overall works great for me and a terrific price!


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