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Magic Flight Launch Box Finishing Grinder

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Product Description

The MFLB finishing grinder is a tiny device that creates a micro-fine grind for your herb. The grind is comparable to a high quality coffee grinder but done easily with your hands! The finishing grinder is also sized perfectly so the herb can be dropped in to the trench of your Magic Flight Launchbox vaporizer seamlessly, but it's a great addition for any vaporizer. This isn't your run-of-the-mill grinder.. the units are hand-crafted by the artisans at Magic Flight and come with a lifetime functional warranty.


Magic Flight Authorized Distributor


Reviews for Magic Flight Launch Box Finishing Grinder
5 out of 5, based on 2 reviews
Jo from Quebec on Jan 11, 2015
My most useful vaping accessory.
Provides the best grind for optimal extraction.
Pre-grind in a regular grinder first and once dryed enough finish the job it this awesome tool.
Will easily gum up if the material is too humid.
The perfect tool all vapers should have around.
Mitchell O. from Armstrong, BC on Oct 26, 2014
Excellent service. Products arrived in 3 days safe and sound. Won't hesitate to order again in the future. Thanks!

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