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Magic Flight Concentrate Tray

Product Description

The Magic Flight concentrate tray takes your MFLB to the next level. It allows you to properly vaporize concentrates (waxes and oils) easily and efficiently right from your Magic Flight. It comes with two distinct trays:

The first is an screened tray, which is meant for concentrates that melt to a complete liquid.

The seconds is a un-screened tray, which does not include a stainless steel mesh and is meant for concentrates that can not melt to a complete liquid. Keep in mind that if you use the un-screened tray with a liquid concentrate it may damage the Magic Flight unit 

Whats Included?

  • 1 x Storage Jar
  • 1 x Screened Tray (liquid concentrates)
  • 1 x Un-screened Tray (solid concentrates)
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