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MFLB vs. Iolite WISPR 2.0 Vaporizer Review

Today we're comparing two classic portable vaporizers: the Magic Flight Launchbox and the Iolite WISPR 2.0. The Magic Flight is a pocket sized unit that runs on rechargeable batteries, while the WISPR is a little bigger and is butane powered.

Vapor quality

WISPR- 8/10

MFLB- 7/10

The WISPR wins in vapor quality because of its ability to maintain a constant temperature, whereas the MFLB heats as long as you physically hold in the battery, which can lead to combustion if you’re not careful.

Ease of use/ Temperature Control

WISPR- 8/10

MFLB- 5/10

The MFLB isn’t too difficult, but compared to the WISPR, there is a bit of a learning curve. The WISPR only requires that you make timely, gentle pulls, while the MFLB requires knowledge of the battery use as well as breathing. The MFLB becomes easier to use over time, but the WISPR is always easy.

Ease of cleaning

WISPR- 9/10

MFLB- 8/10

There’s not much of a difference here. The WISPR has an aluminum bowl that is easy to empty, but the MFLB has a screen that can get gunked up after multiple uses without maintaining cleanliness. The screen isn’t that hard to clean, but it’s essential that you clean your MFLB thoroughly and gently.


WISPR- 8/10

MFLB- 10/10

The Magic Flight Launchbox wins hands-down in this category. The WISPR is portable, but the MFLB fits in small pockets, and is probably half the size of the WISPR.


WISPR- 5/10

MFLB- 10/10

The WISPR, aside from being larger than the MFLB, makes a hissing noise periodically as it heats up. The noise isn’t loud, but it is noticeable. The MFLB is silent, and you can take individual hits from it, instead of having to wait for a longer heating cycle.

Build quality

WISPR- 9/10

MFLB- 8/10

The MFLB isn’t that poorly built, but it has one part that is frequently broken: the screen. The screen may be flimsy, but problems can be avoided if you clean it regularly, while not applying too much pressure to it. I’ve had holes in the MFLB screen, and they usually make the unit dysfunctional, because the screen won’t properly heat up, and all of your herbs are pulling through the mouthpiece. The customer service for Magic Flight is really great, and they’ll send you a new unit if your screen breaks. The WISPR won this one because it doesn’t have a very finicky part.

WISPR - 47

MFLB - 48

By a small margin, the winner is the Magic Flight Launch Box! It's a fantastic little starting unit and just has a comfortable feel to it. Overall, it’s hard to say which vaporizer is better, because the answer is pretty situational. If this is your first vaporizer, or if you’re trying to save money, go with the MFLB. However, if money isn’t that much of an issue and you’d like impressive vapor quality and ease of use at the sake of some stealth, the WISPR 2.0 is your best bet. The hiss of the WISPR is the only real downside to the unit, but I never found it that bothersome. 


More reading

The WISPR is more convenient for going on long trips, or times when you want consistent sessions. The MFLB batteries vary, usually working through a few trenches, but they take a while to charge. The downside to the WISPR is that you’ll have to buy cans of butane to refill the unit, but the butane isn’t very expensive, and the vapor quality probably compensates for it.

The delivery method is essentially the same for these vaporizers, with different elements and learning curves. Each vaporizer has a short straw as a mouthpiece, and you have to develop a method of sipping slowly, or using a steady increase of inhalation. The MFLB can also use oils and waxes if you purchase their concentrate tray. There are more accessories for the MFLB than the WISPR, but I’d like to talk more about the pros of the WISPR. The vapor quality of the WISPR is very impressive.  There’s a catalytic heater in it that maintains a constant temperature, so you don’t have to worry about doing anything other than enjoying your session. The MFLB is sneaky and nice, because you can take a single hit, or a few draws, and then cap the battery and be done with it. However, you are the one who controls the vapor quality with the MFLB, because you have to develop a technique of inhalation and battery usage. The MFLB is very hard to share with friends, or pass in a circle. When I had one, my friends would keep the battery in for too long, and start to combust the herb, which defeats the purpose of the vaporizer entirely.

For the price, the MFLB is a great vaporizer, and I suggest it as either a first vaporizer, (it was my first) or perhaps just a cheaper but still nice vaporizer. The WISPR is more appealing because of the constancy of the temperature, and the butane is a plus, with no charging times to the unit. The WISPR makes a slight hissing noise, and this never bothered me, but if discretion is what you seek, you should probably look at the MFLB or another portable vaporizer. I suggest the MFLB as a first vape because its learning curve is just difficult enough to get you to learn more about vaporizing, as you are actively cooking your herbs while you hold in the battery that heats up the screen in the unit. Both the WISPR and MFLB are relatively easy to clean. As with any vaporizer, they need to be cleaned after each session, but usually this just involves using a small brush or pipe cleaner to get rid of the vaporized material. 

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