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Not sure where to get started? Take a look at one of our collections:

Portable Vaporizers: Perfect for on-the-go use, some fit in your pocket while others are for home use. The vapor quality in portable units has improved dramatically, letting you pull big clouds from tiny devices.

Desktop Vaporizers: These workhorses are best for home use, offering more features and better vapor quality. If you prefer using a vaporizer from the comfort of your couch, a desktop unit is a great choice.

Vaporizer Pens: Many seek pens that handle dry herb well. While some products are decent, we recommend pens for concentrates, not dry herb, due to their design. For a better herbal experience, choose a portable unit.

Grinders: For optimal performance, you need a good grinder. The consistency of the grind affects cloud production, and we offer a range of grinders to suit every need.