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Arizer Extreme Q Review Roundup



Versatile - comes standard with whips and bags; Simple to turn on and use; Good vapor quality for the price; Easy to clean and maintain, even though you have to quite often; Made in Canada

Typical Price: $239.00


Relatively long heat up time of 3-5 minutes; Screens and elbow piece get dirty quick with regular use; No shut off valve, so it leaks vapor when you leave the fan on


The Arizer Extreme Q is the perfect vaporizer for anybody looking for their first vape. It allows you to try our bags and whips while still delivering good vapor quality for a very reasonable price.

VapeCritic (85/100)
"I still consider this a good starter vape, or one that’s good for someone looking to experience multiple methods of vaping without spending a lot of money." (Keep reading)

Gizmodo (4 stars)
"While it lacks some of the polish of the Volcano, it has way more features and it delivers the same, high-quality vapor. And it's less than 1/3 the price of the entry-level Volcano (and almost 1/4 the price of the one with the digital read-out)." (Keep reading)

Vaporizer Wizard (8.5/10)
"Personally I prefer the vapor quality from the volcano balloons but if you can’t quite afford the volcano then the Extreme Q is by no means a bad vaporizer. It is one of the best desktop vaporizers on the market and especially for the price." (Keep reading)