Arizer V Tower Vaporizer

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Product Features

  • Easy set up and cleaning
  • Fast-heating ceramic element
  • 360° accessibility - great for sharing
  • High quality glass pieces
  • Sleek modern look
  • Backlit LCD display with precise temperature control
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Proudly Canadian

Arizer Authorized Distributor

Arizer V Tower Description

Arizer's V Tower is a desktop l vaporizer that really offers great bang for your buck. It's the little brother of the Extreme Q - the V Tower is whip only, while Extreme Q also offers a bag option. The V Tower delivers a dense, crisp vapor experience and will leave any vaporizer initiate very satisfied. Arizer offers a three year warranty on the unit, and each piece is easily replaceable meaning this vape can last you a long, long time.

Recommended for

The vaporizer newbie. The V Tower gives you a great experience for a very fair price which makes it perfect for anybody looking to get started with vaporizing. It doesn't quite match up to the more expensive units but is a great way to get your feet wet. 

How It's Unique

The V Tower is unmatched for its quality for price. For a low price you get a quality vapor experience, a backlit LCD display, a great warranty and more.

Included - Arizer V Tower:

1 x V Tower Vaporizer unit
1 x Power Adapter
1 x Glass Cyclone Bowls
1 x Glass Potpourri Dish
1 x Potpourri Sample
1 x Screen Pk (Contains 1 flat/1Dome screens)
1 x Glass Stirring Tool
1 x 3 foot Whip
1 x Owners Manual

Arizer V Tower Specifications

Manufacturer Arizer
Vaporizer Type Desktop
Heat Up Time 2 minutes
Compatibility Herbs
Heat Style Convection
Warranty 2 years w/ Arizer
Temperature 50°C-260°C
Dimensions 15cm x 15cm x 19cm
Weight 370g
Powered By Wall plug

Customer Reviews

Based on 56 reviews
Works great...

Efficient, stylish and easy to clean, totally recommended..


Excellent. Toy around with it for optimal configuration, to ensure maximum...aroma! Good site, good device!

Best way to smoke Love it

Very happy with the product

Quick and easy

Good product, good service and super fast delivery. There was an error in the address for the package, but customer service corrected it immediately. Will be buying from them again.


great support that helped me with an issue and the product is amazing! 10/10 vaped is the only place to get your herb gear.

Loving it!👍

First time vape user, after reading many positive reviews I purchased the V-Tower and was impressed at the ease of use, product features and quality of vapor. I've packed my bongs, pipes and accessories away as I'm strictly vaping from now on after smoking herb for years. I can highly recommend this brand and this unit. It does exactly what it claims!

Very good with a slight flaw

Got this vape because my sesh partner finds the Dynavap too hard to use and wanted something easier to use.

-Flavour is among the best out of any vape I've tried.
-Large bowl
-Easy to use
-Can clean the entire air path
-No battery to worry about
-High quality parts with replacements available

-You need to suck fairly hard and deep to get good vapor production which my sesh partner finds hard to do. If you think you can just take sips out of this device think again, it's more like hitting a large bong then sipping on a hookah.
-Upper mesh filter falls out easy and gums up after a session or two.
-Wait time for heating
-Comes with chamomile that makes the first few sessions taste like chamomile instead of cannabis.
-Silicone tubing is tacky and picks up anything (hair,lint, ground pot)

This vaporizer has more pros than cons and better than most sub $150 vapes out there, however if I were to buy a desktop vaporizer again I would pay the extra for the Extreme Q due to the inclusion of a fan and bags. If you have no problem with having to wait 5-10 mins for heat up and having to take deep breaths to get a decent hit then this vaporizer is pretty much perfect.

Overall rating for me is a 8.5/10

Very happy with this product

I’m very excited I ordered this vaporizer!
I was a little worried as it was one of the cheaper ones but it works great and is very effective 😎 came with a free grinder as well!!

Delivery was quick and I will definitely order from this site again!

Great product

Very good vape for the price. No complaints.

New favorite ingestion method

Was really happy with the service and shipping times, I understand it’s probably a bit more hectic right now and I was surprised to get my package so soon! As for the product itself it’s amazing, I’ve been trying to find an alternative to the bong for a while and I’ve found that portable vapes don’t really cut it for me, with that being said this desktop vape is perfect, it gets me just as toasty as the bong while being less harsh AND less wasteful. Never going back to anything else but a desktop vape for my primary smoking method.


Ask a Question
  • Is there any herb dosing capsule for the Arizer V Tower? Thank you

    Not for the V Tower. It's easy to dose if you elbow pack though!