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Haze Dual Bowl Vaporizer Review [Video]

Posted by Chris Scully at

The Haze vaporizer is an innovative product that was released this year and got a lot of hype as the first dual bowl vaporizer. With a $279 it's a little pricey but there's a lot of love with this product. Check out the video above and the things we like/dislike about the Haze. If you have any questions please let us know in the comments below!

A few things we like about the Haze Vaporizer

1. Dual Bowls!

This is the first vaporizer to pack two seperate bowls which means that you can use concentrates, e-juice or herb interchangeably. This is the perfect solution for anybody who uses ecigs but also wants to vape herbs. If you're looking to vaporize only herb the dual bowls is also a great because you can just pack the bowls and throw it in your pocket.

2. Convection and Conduction Screens

There are two screens included which means you have the option of making it a convection or conduction vaporizer. The conduction screen places the herb closer to the heat, while the convection moves it away.

3. Stainless Steel and Glass Drawing Stems

Haze threw in another great customizable feature with two stems. While the glass stem delivers a better taste, it may break if you're moving around with the Haze in your pocket. That's why they threw in the stainless steel option as well.

4. 10 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

Although the warranty only covers labour and workmanship it's still a great warranty. We love to see vaporizers with long warranties like this because it means the manufacturer stands by their product.

The one thing we didn't like about the Haze Vaporizer

1. The Price

There are quite a few other vaporizers out there that deliver similar vapor quality for a lower price. For $279 it's a bit of an investment!

Overall it's a great vape if you can afford it. If you have any questions please let us know in the comments below!

Video Transcript:

Hi everybody, today we're taking a look at the Haze Vaporizer which is a dual bowl vaporizer which means you can use herbs and concentrates interchangeably. We're going to unbox the unit, show you what comes in the box and then take a quick look at it.

Just from seeing the box, you can tell design was a really important part of the engineering process. It looks awesome. Now, we'll just take off the top and have a look inside. There are two sections to the box and we'll check out the bottom part first.

There's an instructional manual with instructions on how to use the unit, maintenance tips, a whole bunch of good stuff. An extra instructional DVD if you want video instruction on how to use it. There's the battery charger for the relatively large batteries. Then there's also the cord to charge the batteries with it.

Then wrapped in the plastic bag are tweezers to clean the unit with. They're just handy to have and then also the screens. There's the convection and then conduction screens. Then there's also a cleaning brush to clean the unit, pretty nice brush.

Now, I'll look at the good stuff at the top part of the box. There's a warning label. It just tells you that you shouldn't take off the plastic wrap from the batteries. Just keep that in mind. There are two drawing tubes included, one stainless steel and one glass, two large lithium ion batteries which actually last long time and also the unit. Let's take a look at the Haze.

The Haze Vaporizer is really well built and has an intuitive design. It feels like it's meant to be in your hand or your pocket. If you open up the side of the unit, it reveals the two chambers. You can just pull out the oil cans pretty easily. These open up and there's a wick inside so you can just put your liquid concentrate in there or you can fill it out with herb.

If you're going to use herb and you don't want to fill up the oil can, you can use the convection or conduction screens and just put them in there. In the bottom of the unit, there's a flip compartment which opens up to put the battery inside. You can just put the battery in there with the nipple end at the top and close it up.

On the top of the Haze, there's a kind of sliding compartment. It reveals two distinct markings which correlate with the tube chamber. You have either the field circle or the not field circle. Whichever side you put it to will decide what bowl you're using. There, we're going to the white circle.

The blinking light means it's heating up. When it stops blinking, that's when it's ready to use. Just throw in the drawing tube of your choice. I chose metal here and once it's ready, inhale. The Haze is a really innovative product and the dual bowls really sets it apart from the crowd. If you're looking for a vaporizer, I highly recommend the Haze.

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