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Top 5 Portable Vaporizers of 2014

Posted by Chris Scully at

Update Note: We've released our TOP 50 vaporizers for 2015. It's a much more extensive list.. Maybe you should check it out!
Portable vaporizers are the perfect way to consume your herb on the go. Not only are they a healthier alternative to smoking, but vaporizers are now easy to use and make your stash last a long longer.
Top 5 Marijuana Vaporizers
Over the past couple of years there's been a huge surge in the number of portable vaporizers available. While the increase in competition is great for consumers (more choice, lower costs) it has made it increasingly difficult to pick the right one. Cheap knockoffs and crappy units are all over the place. 

We always put the customer first here at Vaped, so we only carry vaporizers that we've tested and stand by. To help you find the perfect unit we've tested and filtered out our top portable vaporizers of the year.  

Without further adieu, the best vaporizer of 2014 is...

1. The Davinci Ascent

Davinci Ascent vaporizerThe Ascent is the current king of portable vaporizers. It's easy to use, offers custom temperatures, delivers tasty vapor and looks damn good. 

Many portable vaporizers are made of plastic.. and you can taste it when vaporizing. Not the Ascent. The all-glass pathway delivers consistent, delicious and clean vapor. The glass mouthpiece is also retractable which is what sets it apart from the competition. It makes it super portable and can fit in your pocket with ease. Other portable vaporizers with glass pathways aren't actually that portable; you're always worried about breaking the stem. 

The Ascent is also the most versatile portable vaporizer around. It isn't restricted to vaporizing herbs and can handle concentrates as well. The custom temperature settings also give you the choice to sip the vapor or get big clouds. 

The cherry on top is the battery life. Although it takes a while to charge, the Ascent can last 3 or 4 sessions without a hitch. This is a huge bonus and makes it truly portable. Available for $249.99, the Davinci Ascent is a must have for any connoisseur.

2. The Arizer Solo

Arizer Solo Vaporizer
Arizer is a Canadian company who's well known for their product quality and fair prices. Released back in 2011, they knocked it out of the park with the Solo. Three years later and it's still a top-tier portable vaporizer.

The vapor quality is what gives the Solo a heads up on many other portable units. It hits hard and is packing a glass mouthpiece for a crisp vaporizing experience. It also boasts a 7-step temperature feature to give you complete control over the thickness of the vapor. The unit itself is built out of high quality materials and has a weight that feels solid in your hand. You can tell that it's built to last and wasn't made cheap. 

Unfortunately the glass mouthpiece can be a burden to carry around; it isn't pocket friendly. The Solo is perfect if you plan on using it at home with sporadic trips away. While it may not look as sexy as many competitors, it does its job and does it well. In the end of the day that's what matters with a vaporizer. The Arizer Solo is available for $199.95. 

3. The Magic Flight Launch Box

The MFLB is a classic vaporizer but still matches up to the big boys in 2014. It's somewhat controversial because many say it's tough to use but after a few tries it becomes second nature. There are three main things that make the Magic Flight a contender for being the best vaporizer.

Magic Flight Launch Box vaporizerThe first is its size. Smaller than a credit card, it can fit in your pocket with ease. You'll need to bring the rechargeable AA batteries with you as well, but that shouldn't be an issue.

The second is the warranty. Magic Flight is a phenomenal company and takes its customer service seriously. Every unit and accessory comes standard with a LIFETIME warranty. Yep that's right, buy the Magic Flight once and you're good for life. 

The final thing is the price. At only $119 the Magic Flight Launch Box won't break your bank and is a great entry level vaporizer. The initial investment is quite small, but there are other accessories if you want to upgrade.. Like a bong attachment, power adapter and more. 

4. The Ploom PAX

Ploom Pax VaporizerThe fourth portable vaporizer on our list is the famous PAX. It has its flaws but there's one thing that Ploom nailed with the PAX.. It's damn sexy. Known as the iPod of vaporizers, it really does look like its designed by Apple. It's great to see a company make a vaporizer look so sleek. 

It's also very user friendly and Ploom made the functionality very intuitive. Going from charging, to putting in herb, to vaporizing is a breeze and feels natural. While the Magic Flight takes a few tries to get used to it, the Pax doesn't have that problem.

Unfortunately, the great design doesn't translate in to great vapor. Although there is an adjustable temperature feature, the vapor isn't as crisp as other vaporizers in the list. This is mainly due to the plastic airway. There also isn't an option to use concentrates so it isn't recommended for heavy medicinal users. The PAX comes in at a hefty $249.99 price point.

5. The Davinci

Davinci vaporizerAs the Ascent's older brother, the original Davinci is still a very viable option for a portable vaporizer. It was one of the first portable units to allow custom temperature ranges and delivers consistent hits. Not only does it vaporize herb but it can also handle concentrates with the included inserts.

A quick heat up time of only a minute means you can go from herb (or concentrates) to vapor fast. And if you forget to turn it off there's also an auto shut-off feature to save you from potential accidents.

It fits comfortably in the palm of your hand and is definitely pocket friendly. It has a sturdy rubberized coating so you don't have to be too worried about it breaking.

The Davinci vaporizer also comes with a handy cleaning brush and a hidden storage compartment to store extra herb. These are extras that put it ahead of the competition and make it worth the $199 price tag. 

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